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* 18+ years of experience developing and implementing technology solutions that create valuable assets for businesses of every size. * Team leader who codes in the trenches with the technical team while strategizing as a member of the executive team. Held positions of leadership in startups, the enterprise, and consulting. * Successful startup technologist who brought two different startup products to market in as many years. Mastered new technologies as needed to create products that succeeded in meeting owner and user expectations. * Accomplished enterprise and consulting technologist with repeated success creating and deploying company-wide applications in Fortune 100 enterprises and SMBs. * Architected and created a critical workflow application that integrated operations for a cross-platform company. Users were extremely deadline-driven and needed the application to be fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Lead a team of 8 different developers over the course of the project, doing the vast majority of the "heavy-lifting" coding personally. * Architected and created a localized, multi-lingual web application for a major international pharma company, providing the technical leadership on a team of a dozen developers, testers and project managers. The application was deployed world-wide to every major company site. * Lead technical and non-technical teams in security projects, data migration projects, data center construction, and site infrastructure projects. * Expert in utilizing both cloud and enterprise architectures.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 18 years experience
I started writing JavaScript in 1998, initially for simple client-side validation functions. That turned into server-side javascript for several years using classic-asp, followed by writing advanced javascript libraries for rich web applications. Following that I worked in jQuery quite a bit as that took the forefront. More recently I've become a big fan of Aurelia on the front end, and would love to help those just getting started with this first-class framework.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 18 years experience
Csharp expert help C# - 15 years experience
I've used C# since it was first released, and consider myself an expert in C# and .NET.
Sql expert help SQL - 16 years experience
No icon Powershell - 5 years experience
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BI Dashboard on Arduino
chicago-aurelia 1   0
Projects and resources for Chicago Aurelia meetup group
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript
chicago-aurelia-github-search 1   0
A demo app showing how to create your own app from the Aurelia Skeleton
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript
Adafruit-MAX31855-library 0   0
Library for the Adafruit Thermocouple breakout with MAX31855K
C++ Arduino Processing
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Responds to HTTP GET requests after a random or specified period of time
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