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How to Install Meteor on Windows with Vagrant

Ariel Fuggini
Nov 20, 2014
<p><strong>Install Meteor Javascript Framework on Windows with Vagrant</strong></p><p>These are the steps I use to run meteor on windows by provisioning a virtualized Linux box. I find this better for running just about any dev environment on Windows if you have the Ram and CPU cores. Usually these Vagrant boxes are intended to be throwaways, where what's on the VM could be re-provisioned entirely from what's held in the Vagrantfile and the mapped files that will be added along side this, and other app specific deployment tools.</p><p>The instructions below will have you download and install a Virtualization tool (Virtual Box), VM Provisioner (Vagrant), which will download a Linux OS for you (280MB), and download several Chef cookbooks (scripts) to run on the provisioned VM to install the server software needed to run Meteor. These are pretty amazing tools for setting up repeatable development environments/sandboxes for teams or personal use. Some of the tools (Chef, Berkshelf) also translate well into production devops provisioning, but it may be a bit overkill for just getting meteor running on Windows.</p><p>Follow the steps at <a href="https://github.com/afuggini/vagrant-meteor-windows">https://github.com/afuggini/vagrant-meteor-windows</a></p><hr><p><a href="http://codementor.io/afuggini"><span style="font-size:18px">Need help with your Meteor project? Hire me at Codementor.io</span></a></p>
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