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It is good practice to use threads(c# winforms) to improve performance for a matrix style application?

Hristo Hristov
Jul 10, 2015
<p>One method to improve performance would be to reuse the controls which you are using inside the matrix so at all times you would have active only NxM controls where N is the height and M is the width of the matrix( the visible region of the data ).</p> <p>Depending on the data you might want to use async operations to prevent UI lagging. Generally it's a good practice to implement async data retrieval so that when the user waits for the information to appear on the matrix they won't have to wait for all of it to appear, rather the information will be updated as it comes.</p> <p>If you really want great performance you might want to implement your own Data grid by deriving from System.Windows.Forms.Control and implement all the rendering logic yourself.</p> <p>This tip was originally posted on <a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31241603/It%20is%20good%20practice%20to%20use%20threads(c#%20winforms)%20to%20improve%20performance%20for%20a%20matrix%20style%20application?/31242661">Stack Overflow</a>.</p>
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