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Why is your gravity form with conditional logic not showing up??

Ceili Cornelison
Dec 15, 2014
<p>Are you having a hard time because your gravity form with conditional logic isn't showing up on the page? Inspect the page source and find the gravity form, and check to see if it has a "display: none;" style being applied to it. This should be the main gravityform div, something like #gform_wrapper_1</p><p>You just need to add this line to your styles.css sheet: </p><pre><code class="language-css">#gform_wrapper_1{ display : block !important; }</code></pre><p>Be sure to change the div id to the correct id for your form.</p><p>Why does this work? Gravity forms with conditional logic work by hiding all the 'pages' of the form, and then showing the first one only. Sometimes it can get confused, and will also hide the main gravityform wrapper -- along with everything inside! This line in your CSS will make it so the main form can't be hidden, but all of your pages and everything will still work fine.</p>
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