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<p>Litmus is an awesome tool which sends the email to multiple devices and send you screenshots</p> <p>On a lop of clients (including the iPhone and Andoid Gmail app), full list <a href="https://litmus.com/blog/the-how-to-guide-to-responsive-email-design-infographic/full-view">here</a> if you scroll down, responsive queries are not supported, so it is better to develop with those apps in mind.</p> <p>That means in your emails, use percentages for widths instead of px (ex: 100% vs 700px). Everything should be relative</p> <p>All images must have a width specified, and it also must be in % (unless it is a very small image that will not scale, for example a Twitter Logo). Otherwise the default for the browser will be the natural width of the image.</p>
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