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Mehran Hatami
Jul 15, 2015
<p>It is really disappointing to see that there are still huge bad practices in current state of the JavaScript/AngularJS community. Today I had a session with a young, sharp-minded and fast learner developer which was newcomer in the industry but had a lot of information about the bad, better and best practices BUT doesn't have the chance to <span style="color:rgb(95, 99, 102)">actually</span> implement them and instead she had to digg into a very bad written, <span style="color:rgb(95, 99, 102)">uncomprehensive and unreadble code not just to find the hidden problems but also implement new tasks based on the old solutions. PLEASE I AM BEGGING TO those</span> whole could stop this situation from happening. Not only is this poisonous and pollutes the newcomer's perspective but also will destroy the codebase. I am hundered percent sure that the refactoring process won't last that long but instead the developer will be able to write a more maintainable and more understandble code.</p> <p>All I could do as a mentor was to help her debug the code better and help her to learn how to work with debugging consoles.</p>
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