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Wordpress stop working after I transfer to another server.

Ming Choong, Chin
Jan 21, 2015
<p>Check list:</p> <ol> <li>If you are using .htaccess, check if you have moved your installation to a new sub-folder. You might need to change your RewriteBase to match your new sub-folder.<br>  </li> <li>Check your wp-config.php whether your MySQL settings (db username, db name, db password) matches your new server settings.<br>  </li> <li>If the above still fails, check if a plugin is causing this (Probably a plugin settings are still containing server environment settings from your previous server) by moving the plugins folder away (/wp-contents/plugins/plugin_name) one by one.<br>  </li> <li>If all else fails, although unlikely, check if the current server PHP, Apache, MySQL versions matches your Wordpress requirements.</li> </ol> <p> </p>
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