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Meteor: 3 pillars of efficient javascript - DOM interaction

Seán C McCord
Jun 23, 2015
<ul> <li><strong>CSS Selectors</strong>: the most basic, most ubiquitous, best tool for the reduction of JS code.  Learn them and use them liberally.  Besides, they work in all CSS and Javascript, even outside of Meteor.</li> <li><strong>Template instances</strong>:  the primary means of accessing (for both reading and writing) the DOM from Javascript.  You will use this everywhere, so read the Meteor docs wherever you are, and make sure you know how to get the template instance from there.</li> <li><strong>Eschew jQuery</strong> (and jQuery plugins) wherever possible.  There is nothing wrong with jQuery, but with Meteor, there is almost always a better, simpler, more concise, more <em>declarative</em>, more <em>reactive</em> way of doing things.</li> </ul> <p> </p>
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