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Run brew cleanup and claim some disk space

Sebastian Sastre
Mar 12, 2015
<p>I was doing a bit of housekeeping in my MacBook Pro so I can use some additional diskspace.</p> <p>The starting point was to do a scan with OmniDiskSweeper.</p> <p><span style="color:rgb(95, 99, 102)">OmniDiskSweeper's User Interface allows you to easily navigate the directories that are occupying space the most so you can investigate what in those big directories is actually useful and what can be archived.</span></p> <p>Beside the directories that was just fine to delete, my findings allowed me to see which ones was okay to archive to a big external disk. At the end of that scrutiny freeing the Trash freed up ~50GB which was a nice bunch :)</p> <p>And then I saw Cellar occupying a lot and I've  found that I had 6 versions of MongoDB. I only use the latest stable and I have no reason to keep the older ones.</p> <p>So, if you like me, use brew and don't need to keep older versions of the installed applications and libraries, then doing a cleanup in brew is really handy.</p> <p>For me today was ~5GB handy :)</p> <p>Run <span style="background-color:rgb(247, 247, 249); color:rgb(221, 17, 68)">brew cleanup -n</span><span style="color:rgb(95, 99, 102)"> to see which packages would be removed, and when you feel ready hit it with a </span><span style="background-color:rgb(247, 247, 249); color:rgb(221, 17, 68)">brew cleanup</span></p>
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