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"message failed to fetch from registry" while trying to install any module

<p>Recently I had this problem after upgrading node.js (and inevitably npm) to the newest version:</p> <p><code>&gt; npm --version &lt; 2.0.0-alpha-5</code></p> <p>Note: I didn't <em>ask</em> for an unstable version, I just got it after <code>brew install npm</code> on OSX.</p> <p>Downgrading npm fixed the problem for me.</p> <p>The easiest way to install the stable npm is <code>npm install -g npm</code> but it might not work under some circumstances and downgrade of node.js might be needed then.</p> <p>This tip was originally posted on <a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12913141/%22message%20failed%20to%20fetch%20from%20registry%22%20while%20trying%20to%20install%20any%20module/25080653">Stack Overflow</a>.</p>
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