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What's the difference between React.js and Angular.js?

Tom Chen
Nov 11, 2014
<p>Well, I have to say, in React way of thinking/developing web apps, it's much easier to think <strong>right</strong>. And the tricky thing of React is, one just learn how to use it and read the API docs, and one will get "the way of thinking in React". Because the Zen is lied within its API design, it's really hard to do it wrong.</p><p>React just have one main concept: <em>Component</em>. A component can have two things: props and state. <em>Props</em> are given attributes by it's owner, just like a given name. <em>State</em> is the transition state of the component, like a checkbox's <em>checked</em> state. It's <strong>Separation of Concerns</strong> implemented in web development, and this makes web development more easily to <strong>scale</strong> and make creating <strong>reusable</strong> component a reality.</p><blockquote><p>In ancient age, this is just a holy cup for everyone to chase with. Every framework claims to have maximum reusability, but none of them succeed.</p></blockquote><p>Here's my recent work by creating several React components to reduce complex state of "Google Maps JavaScript API". I just finished the PR: <a href="https://github.com/tomchentw/react-google-maps/pull/5">https://github.com/tomchentw/react-google-maps/pull/5</a></p><p>You can read through the commits and see the way of extracting components in React.</p>
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