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cPanel/WHM Basic Account Creation Steps

<p>Accounts must have:<br>     Feature set<br>     Package<br>     Account data</p> <p>Feature Manager:<br>     Add or edit feature list<br>     Name appropriately<br>     Select (or de-deselect) features you want</p> <p>Add a package (or edit)<br>     Set disk space, bandwidth, database &amp; ftp limits</p> <p>Create account<br>     Assign domain name, username &amp; pw<br>     Assign package<br>     Most other settings are fine default<br>     In this instance, leaving all unlimited,<br>         however you can assign limits if needed here</p> <p>* Note: Full feature set has quite a lot of features, you may wish to come back<br>     and customize a new set using just things you might need and then<br>     compact the sections in cpanel that you use less frequently to enable<br>     efficient usage :)</p> <p>* To change an account's feature set or package, use the 'Upgrade/Downgrade an Account'<br>     item under WHM 'Account Functions'</p> <p><br> * To change a password, use 'Password Modification' under WHM 'Account Functions'</p> <p>* Mail records are call 'mx' records (mail exchanger)</p> <p>* To explicitly control spam black/whitelisting, use Spam Assassin in cPanel's email section.</p> <p> </p>
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