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Getting the mysql database to work with Rails 4 in the lynda.com tutorial

Jacqueline Homan
May 06, 2015
<p>1. If you are on Mac OS Yosemite, follow <a href="https://gorails.com/setup/osx/10.10-yosemite">these instructions</a> for installing MySQL.<br> 2. If you are on Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu), follow the instructions <a href="https://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu/15.04">here</a> for installing and setting up MySQL on the latest stable version of Ubuntu.<br> <br> 3. Run this command in your terminal for starting your fresh new Rails app: <strong>rails new simple_cms -d mysql</strong><br> <br> The "-d mysql" flag tells Rails, "Hey, I want you to set up a new app and use mysql for the database", and you will find that your database config file will already be set up for using mysql, and so will your Gemfile.</p> <p> </p>
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