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Jeremy Lawson
Feb 16, 2015
<p>Pictures are worth a thousand words. Examples are worth a thousand aspirins. </p> <p>To properly analyze and debug a situation you maybe having, I need to see what you have, whats wrong and where its breaking. Lucky for the front end world we have many free tools that you can use to show the problem and get to an answer quicker.</p> <p>If you are having html and css issues, Codepen.io is priceless. Its quick, visual, and works exactly like you think it should. it also has JavaScript support, so thats great!</p> <p>If you are working on something that is more JavaScript heavy, I would recommend JSBin.com This tool is great because it offers a console out put. Just like working with the console inspector in your browser of choice you can see what the error message is and where it happened.</p> <p>Working with a server side language, there is no solution that I like and works in all cases I could think of. There are some things that can't be segmented away, the best way for this situation is a good old fashion screen share session. </p> <p> </p> <p>tl;dr</p> <p>In order to diagnose your issue as fast as possible, give me an example. Codepen.io for front end stuff JSBin.com form JavaScript stuff. Server side, need a screen share session. </p> <p> </p>
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