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Use Ember.Controller to future-proof your code

Ilya Radchenko
Jan 27, 2015
<p>Since Ember 2.0 will just be a release that removes all of the deprecations, we should start writing our code in a more future-proof manner, since those deprecations are coming sooner, rather than later.</p> <p>One of the ways to future-proof your templates and controllers is by stopping the use of proxied controllers, i.e. Ember.ObjectController &amp; Ember.ArrayController. This means that you will have to start referencing the model via `model`, and not depend on the proxying behavior of those other controllers.</p> <p>So start using Ember.Controller, and access your model via `model` in templates and controllers. Don't get too attached to those controllers, they'll be leaving us soon!</p>
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