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Visual design should be intentional

Bryce Howitson
May 22, 2015
<p>The difference between something that seems bla and something that seem's "designed" often boils down to the small presentational details. For example HTML structures are very angular by default but CSS provides the opportunity to soften page elements using things like opacity, border-radius and box-shadow. A very small rounding of corners (say 2px) doesn't happen by accident and can quickly transform a viewers impression from "thrown together" to lovingly finessed.</p> <p> </p> <p>Ideas for easy CSS tweaks to make your work look intentional:</p> <ol> <li>Very dark gray type on very light gray background vs full black on full white.</li> <li>2px border radius on large color blocks (callouts, text fields, footers, navigation)</li> <li>Utilize CSS transitions to move between stats - For example fading a mouseover color change</li> <li>Minimal box-shadow or very light borders on large background blocks</li> <li>Load a custom font using CSS @font-face instead of using system fonts (but remember a fallback!) </li> </ol>
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