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Toggle output with Alfred

Michael G Schwern
Feb 27, 2015
<p><a href="https://github.com/mikegrb/Alfred-Audio-Device/blob/master/glue.pl">This glue.pl script</a> can be used to set and list your audio devices in Alfred v2.  The author explains it <a href="http://michael.thegrebs.com/2013/01/18/alfred2-audio-device/">in a blog post</a>.</p> <p>What if you want to toggle between two devices?  We modified script to include a toggle command.  Reading glue.pl, we found the code to get and set the current device, <a href="https://github.com/schwern/Alfred-Audio-Device/commit/25c7535270cd632dbb8c29fe7c614f86e9e3d5a3">and wrote a new "toggle" action</a>.</p>
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