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Reinstalling OS on Android Phone

Giorgio Saad
Aug 18, 2016
<p>User owns a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Telus <br> Phone specific model is : SGH-I337 similar to AT&amp;T S4 Phone</p> <p>The Problem :<br> ------------------------<br> User tried to install Xposed Framework on his device<br> User has bricked (or had OS wiped clean) his device while on vacation in Trinidad. </p> <p>User situation :<br> ------------------------<br> User has CWM installed on his device from a previous attempt at installing custom ROM <br> User has tried recovering his device and wiped out everything <br> User has ODiN installed on PC <br> User's phone is read by PC successfully and is visible to ODiN</p> <p>&gt;&gt; Prerequisites : Phone charged to 30%+ (User phone had 1% battery, session was paused <br>                                           until User was able to charge his phone more)<br>                    USB cable, Windows PC,  Phone driver installed on PC, ODiN</p> <p>The Solution:<br> -----------------<br> Step 1 : Go in recovery mode, while phone is off press Volume down + Home + Power Button<br> Step 2 : Wipe Cache <br> Step 3 : Invalidate Dalvik Cache<br> Step 4 : Go into download mode<br> Step 5 : Download ROM (User has already downloaded ROM but ROM seemed invalid in ODiN). User was advised to <br>                        install : https://download.cyanogenmod.org/get/jflteatt-snapshot.zip<br> Step 6 : Open ODiN <br> Step 7 : Make sure ODiN recognises devices (Light blue tile)<br> Step 8 : Press AP and select downloaded ROM <br> Step 9 : Press Start, do not touch phone until it is done<br> Step 10 : Enjoy phone.</p>
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