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Joe McCullough
Mar 01, 2016
<p>To demonstrate comprehension of JS/jQuery concepts, be able to answer the following questions in your own words.</p> <p> </p> <p>1) What is an API?</p> <p>2) What is JSON? How does JSON differ from a JavaScript object?</p> <p>3) What is serialization? What is deserialization?</p> <p>4) Why are functions useful? What problems do they solve in terms of code structure / organization?</p> <p>5) What can cause a function parameter to be undefined?</p> <p>6) What is the purpose of the success callback of the $.ajax method?</p> <p>7) What are uses of console.log? What are uses of console.dirxml?</p> <p>8) Observe the following object:</p> <p>    <span style="background-color:rgb(230, 244, 255); color:rgb(60, 86, 106)">var car = {make: "Toyota", model: "Camry", year: 1999}</span></p> <p>Fill in the blanks with the correct term: make is a(n) ____________ of the car ____________</p> <p>9) Suppose you receive the error "Cannot read property lalalal of undefined". What would the offending source code look like?</p> <p>10) Why is it important to complete a project incrementally instead of attempting to solve every part at once?</p>
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