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UX Exercise - What can you remove?

Bryce Howitson
Feb 10, 2015
<p>What can you cut from your app or product? I'm not talking about an MVP (though feature culling is a good idea too). Instead think about the number of screens and navigation. Does it really need to be there? Could you accomplish the same interface goals in a different way.</p> <p>As a designer I often critique student portfolios and I've noticed a disturbing trend. Young designers think the portfolio itself is their chance to be creative outside the constraints of a project This mindset results in the picture frame overshadowing the picture even though its the least important part.</p> <p>App interfaces often suffer from the same (usually unintentional) blight. Its easy to add a menu because other apps have one, create views for the sake of a view and animation, because well its cool. Simple is usable and usable is beautiful.</p> <p><strong>So what can you cut from your interface?</strong></p>
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