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Creating splash images for multiple screens resolutions on android and ios devices.

<p>Has the problem with process creating splash screen images for multiple devices. It's not easy and we need to show process step by step.</p> <p>The better way for do this - using 9-patch images.</p> <ol> <li>You create image in photoshop/illustration or other graphical editor that you use.</li> <li>You may never think about size of your image, you can create it as smaller as allow your content.</li> <li>Then you need to make canvas larger on 2 px on width and height and that will create 1 pixel transparent border around your image. You need to do that for use 9-patch tool later.</li> <li>Then you need to save this image into you android project,into folder app/res/drawable with name 'imagename.9.png'</li> <li>After that you need to open tool for create 9-patch image. It can be draw9patch.jar (from android sdk) or do it on android studio.</li> <li>In 9-patch editor you will create patches for image, and make sure that it looks good.</li> </ol> <p>That's all.</p>
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