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Bootsrap / Architect a startup

Jun 14, 2015
<p>In this session I helped /advised a client who is starting to build his tech startup. </p> <p>1. Went through  state-of-art technologies to build the product in that domain </p> <p>2. Introduced and compared the popular web development stacks, such as jquery/Spring/Java, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS/Nodejs, etc. </p> <p>3. Explained the Database options, the pros and cons of using SQL (mysql, postgre) and NoSQL(Mongodb, Dynamodb) databases, as well as the cost of hosing by managed service provider like AWS or self hosting.</p> <p>4. Evaluated the comperitors websites online and checked the tech stack they are using</p> <p>5. Discussed the general rules (development, salary/equity, cofounder options) in bootstrapping the startup.</p>
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