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Key points from the Session

Ishan Khanna
Feb 18, 2016
<ul> <li>Solve the Justification with the library we saw. That seems to be the closest thing you could get help with justifying your text on android. Has decent number of stars on github, you can blindly trust it.</li> <li>Your AutoFit TextView does what it has to, so you can use it within the justifyable scrollview once that's set.</li> <li>After your Layout is completed for one of the phones that you have in hand. <ul> <li>start taking devices with different screen sizes and densities. see how the views screw up and what all value tweaking is required. Make sure you fix one thing at a time so that you can generalise your stuff easily.</li> <li>Try to form the least number of buckets possible to cover maximum devices.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>
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