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Tibor Fulop

Tibor Fulop

Coding can be an art!

Budapest (+01:00)
Hungarian, English
I'm a full-stack developer with 13+ years of experience in web application development and code mentoring. Are you stuck? Let me help!

With several years of experience in the field of penetration testing for companies in the banking and gambling industry I can detect all kinds of security vulnerabilities using both gray and whitebox method, and provide you the solution. The service includes: - Web application security testing - Server security testing - Network security testing DDoS and other methods that may endanger the stability of your web application won't be used unless you request. If I fail to find security...

4 JavaScript
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 5 years experience
I always wanted to use the same data binding features I used in WPF, and once I found out about AngularJS, I instantly started using it and digging deep into it's core. I've built several SPAs and plugins with it, it my favorite client side JS framework.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
For me, jQuery is the way to go when a website needs small enhancements or custom plugins with light infrastructure. It's a well thought, lightweight (especially when you custom-build it) cross-browser lib, I use it for every single website I build.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I fell in love with Javascript the day I first used it to create small animations for a website in an era where everyone used flash to achieve the same result. I've been using it ever since, either for progressive enhancement or for building huge but lightning fast SPAs.
Wordpress WordPress - 6 years experience
I've built a lot of custom plugins, several themes and hundreds of websites with WordPress. It's hook-based architecture makes it a great platform for complex websites, I've dropped all other CMS solutions and now use WordPress whenever I can.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 4 years experience
I was quite skeptic when I first started using nosql solutions, but I was soon amazed by its simplicity. I've built complex CRM systems and social platforms using MongoDB as the database provider, and achieved amazing performance with the fraction of the effort any relational db solutions would have taken.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 2 years experience
I've built a huge social platform (with job opportunities, marketplace, community, clubs etc.) for businesses using Meteor as a backend. If I had to deliver a complex real-time web application, I wouldn't consider anything else.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 11 years experience
Being the most popular SQL platform, I use MySQL for all websites and web applications where the product has to be able to run on a shared hosting environment.
angular-meteor-forum-tutorial 3   3
HTML JavaScript
angular.freeorder 1   0
Include Angular services, directives etc. even before the actual module has been loaded.
sails-deploy 1   0
Sails.js app deployment based on arnuoda's meteor-up
Shell JavaScript
angularfire-cloudinary-gallery 0   0
Gallery application based on AngularFire and Cloudinary
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Don't think there is anyone better out there. Thanks Tibor! :)
Aarush Gupta Dec 17, 2016

Great mentor and always explains his methodology
Casi Dec 08, 2016

highly recommend Tibor, he's great
Casi Nov 02, 2016

Great advice, thanks a lot
Amine Sadry Oct 06, 2016

Great, thanks
Casi Sep 15, 2016

Thanks Tibor. Appreciate your help and hard work!
Vasilis Aug 31, 2016

Tibor is great and very friendly! Although we suffered with connection (my fault) he quickly went through many files and pointed to the right direction as to where the bug was coming from. He know his work! Will definitely use his help again in the future
Vasilis Aug 29, 2016

Fulop does great work and has a very good eye for the problem at hand.
Phill Rodgers Aug 05, 2016

An absolute pleasure - on a personal level Tibor is polite, helpful & understanding. Skills wise - I am really pleased with his work and hope to work with Tibor more in the future.
Troy Kelly Aug 04, 2016

always fantastic. Very fast and knowledgeable.
David Jul 14, 2016

Excellent work as always
Phill Rodgers Jun 17, 2016

tibi was more help than I could have hoped for, very knowledgable, patient and a great communicator. Thanks very much.
Phill Rodgers Jun 13, 2016

Don't know how i would get all of this done without your help :)
Casper Bottelet Jun 13, 2016

The best! Not much more to say :)
Casper Bottelet Jun 04, 2016

Raymond Carl May 08, 2016

Tibor knocks it out of the park every time we need his help. We cannot say enough good things about him. He truly treats his clients with a very high level of respect and is always able to resolve any issue we throw his way. Keep up the great work Tibor.
Charles May 02, 2016

I can't say enough good things about Tibor. He went above and beyond what I asked or expected out of him. It's really a breath of fresh air dealing with an honest coder who is only interested in doing what is best for the client, not padding his own pockets. If you want to do business with someone who has integrity who is also very skilled, then Tibor is your guy...
Kevin V May 02, 2016

Excellent experience. I can tell Tibor is very skilled and someone I can trust. I look forward to using him for future coding projects.
Kevin V May 02, 2016

Raymond Carl May 01, 2016

refactored our web app and made it 80% faster
David Apr 28, 2016

Raymond Carl Apr 23, 2016

Tibor, as usual, is both an amazing developer and is incredible to work with. We would (and do) recommend him to everyone we know. You will not be disappointed using his services.
Charles Apr 21, 2016

always amazing.
David Apr 19, 2016

Tibor was incredibly helpful and took extensive time to break down the problems i was having. Even pausing the session 1/3 of the way through and not charging me as much to compensate for the length of time it took. Can't rate him highly enough. A++++
HS Apr 15, 2016

Raymond Carl Apr 14, 2016

Great session.
Raymond Carl Apr 12, 2016

As always, Tibor was able to help out and get the issue resolved very quick. Always recommend him! Thanks a ton Tibor!
Aarush Gupta Apr 11, 2016

Tibor always goes above and beyond to help our team resolve our development questions. Would very highly recommend to anyone!
Charles Apr 11, 2016

I was trying to understand few concepts in meteor for quite some time. Tibor gave great help on these topics. I would highly recommend him.
Shankar Apr 07, 2016

Tibor just assisted our development team with launching our new company website. Pre-launch he worked very hard to help our entire team prepare to get any last minute technical issues cleared up so we could take our new website live. Post-launch he helped us to clean up any previously undiscovered technical issues and quickly helped us to resolve them within 24-hours. If you or your team have questions or problems, Tibor will always be ready to deliver solutions. He has an extremely fast turn-around time and we will forever be a client of his services. Keep up the amazing work Tibor!!
Charles Apr 06, 2016

Great mentor. Easy to work with. Understands and solves the issue quickly and efficiently. Will definitely work with Tibor in future too! :D Thanks a lot tibor!
Aarush Gupta Apr 05, 2016

Tibor once again helped our team out of a pinch. As always, we cannot recommend him enough to anyone who is looking for his services. You will not be disappointed.
Charles Apr 04, 2016

Professional, courteous and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! Tibor is very experienced and knows how to solve any problem that may arise. Tibor is a true master of his trade, I want to give him 10 Stars!
Paul Wong Apr 03, 2016

Raymond Carl Apr 03, 2016

Tibor is by far one of the most knowledgable, efficient and caring developers I have ever worked with. He personally gave up his Friday night to help our company launch our brand new website!!! This is at least the third time we have consulted with Tibor and we continue to be impressed with his skills, speed and the patience he shows when working around some of our out-of-the-box requests. We cannot recommend him enough and you will not be disappointed with using his services.
Charles Apr 01, 2016

Raymond Carl Mar 28, 2016

Super helpful and very knowledgeable on Meteor.
Raymond Carl Mar 24, 2016

Perfect work as always!
Casper Bottelet Mar 23, 2016

Super helpful!, and really nice, and honest about stopping timer, if there's a problem etc. Will definitely come back another time!
Casper Bottelet Mar 22, 2016

Always helpful!
David Mar 16, 2016

Tibor really is a great Mentor and looks for things that need fixed before I find them. very proactive and a pleasure to work with.
David Mar 13, 2016

awesome again
David Mar 11, 2016

David Mar 10, 2016

Fast and efficient. He fixed an issue we had with routing very quickly. Great Mentor!!
David Mar 10, 2016

We cannot say enough positive things about Tibor!! We have used his services multiple times and he always over delivers.
Charles Mar 09, 2016

Tibor is great. Thank you so much for your help. Highly recommended.
jenin Mar 09, 2016

fantastic! very helpful and fast!
Jennifer Mutasa Mar 08, 2016

Very helpful and friendly.
Toby Jones Mar 08, 2016

Avian Mar 04, 2016

Avian Mar 04, 2016

Once again, the work we received was perfect, timely and exceeded our expectations. Would highly recommend to anyone!!!
Charles Feb 29, 2016

Tibor did an amazing job! Would highly recommend him to anyone!!!
Charles Feb 29, 2016