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Tibi Craciun

Tibi Craciun

NodeJs, React, Redux, Angular JS , Firebase and AWS expert

Bucharest (+02:00)
Co-founded Livebooks.com in 2002 , sold in 2013,currently co-founder at Sitedity. I'm an expert of scalability, cloud infrastructure and getting all the pieces together to deliver high performance web services. Other than cloud infrastructure I'm mastering Ract, Redux, nodeJs, AngularJs and Firebase and love to use them in most of my projects
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
Used ReactJs with standard Flux but moved to Redux with Observables ( RxJS) and ImutableJS
No icon Firebase - 2 years experience
Created different types of applications with firebase, from administration tools, chat bots, and real time apps
No icon Nodejs - 3 years experience
Used NodeJs for API backends with different databases ( Mongodb, MySQL, PostgreSQL ) and also for complete websites with different html/css template systems
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
Used AngularJS with a lot of backed and databases
Amazon expert help AWS - 6 years experience
There are not many services on AWS we are not using or not used in the past. Sitedity it is a combination of AWS services combined into a nice machinery similar to a fine Swiss watch
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
started with ealry Netscape javascript and ended up with latest node.js, ES6, AngularJs and BackboneJS
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 5 years experience
Replaced all our Javascript code with Coffeescript and it was one of the best decision we ever made
Git expert help Git - 9 years experience
After working in SourceVersion, CVS, Subversion, finding git was a relief, but using git-flow help our team being more proficient
Jquery expert help jQuery - 15 years experience
I don't think there is anyone in web industry and not used jQuery
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 4 years experience
The company I'm currently co-founder uses Backbone.js for dealing with data. We added another layer over backbone.js to save data direclty on AWS S3
Go expert help Go - 3 years experience
I used go for serverside API as well as internal apps helping our developers
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 20 years experience
No brainer, doing web without html/css = impossible :)
No icon Stormpath - 1 year experience
Used Stormpath user management in a couple of apps in conjunction with NodeJs
redux-react-firebase 180   33
Use Firebase with React and Redux in ES6
react-redux-minimal-starter 4   3
CSS JavaScript
aws-lambda-router 2   0
vim-config 1   1
Tibi's vim config
VimL Shell
development-box-configuration 1   0
Scripts to install and configure a development box based on Ubuntu
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Awesome mentor!
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Received more from him than I did our developers over the past 7 months.
Gianna Scatchell Jul 05, 2016

Incredibly helpful.
Justin Handley Dec 07, 2015

Tibi is great. Very knowledgable and patient in teaching. So much of web dev (from what I've experienced) is in such a state of change all the time that it's hard to know what's out there. Tibi definitely helped steer me towards ideas and technologies that met what I was trying to accomplish.
David Clawson Nov 24, 2015

Tibi was excellent to work with, he was professional and helped me improve my code.
David Bembenek Nov 13, 2015

He is very very knowledgeable and always solve issue.
Ronak Nov 11, 2015

Tibi is quick to solve problems and very easy to work with. I'm very happy working with him.
James Arthur Oct 26, 2015

Tibi is a great mentor with plenty of real world knowledge to help contextualize examples. He's great at listening to any issues that you're dealing with and then guiding the discussion to get them resolved. Looking forward to working with him in the future.
Nick Dongas Aug 28, 2015

Tibi has been a very wonderful and helpful mentor. He is very smart and teaches very well. We solve problems together every time.
Adewunmi Aug 25, 2015

After four sessions with Tibi I recognize his knowledge is very broad and he has been a great help to me and my project. I hope to keep working with him for many sessions to come!
Kevin Frye Aug 12, 2015

I am excited to be working with Tibi. In just one session he has helped me gain a better understanding of Javascript, React, and the Flux architecture.
Kevin Frye Jul 20, 2015

I really enjoyed my session with Tibi! He was able to answer my question quickly and helped me understand the underlying Angularjs concepts involved as well. I would definitely ask Tibi for assistance in the future!
Diana Eastman Jul 13, 2015

My mentor has been very helpful. We solve problems everyday and I'm gaining a lot from his vast knowledge and experience. He is an excellent teacher.
Adewunmi Jul 07, 2015

One of the best mentors I have ever worked with. Great at communicating and actually teaches you. A really intelligent person who knows his code. I would recommend him to anybody who is either trying to learn or even get work done.
Jaser Jul 07, 2015

Efficient and very knowledgable, even with an unfamiliar library. My issue was solved within the expected timeframe, and the instruction and mentorship easy to follow. Highly recommended, will use again
Rhys Bartels-Waller Jul 07, 2015

Tibi is a very intelligent coder able to create solutions around unfamiliar code and is a pleasure to work with
Ross Dyson Jul 05, 2015

Tibi was amazingly patient and extremely knowledgeable. Everything I needed to learn was taught to me very efficiently.
Spencer Jul 02, 2015

Fantastic, i spent over 8 hrs trying to get this simple piece of code to work researching the possible solution sending posts on stack overflow to other developers and no one was able to provide an answer i knew it was simple and fast for a person knowledgeable in the syntax and clearly i found the expert here, shame i did not find him 2 days ago and save me all that time
claude raiola Jun 29, 2015

Awesome and patient. Highly recommended.
Rahul Sharma Jun 26, 2015

Extremely helpful and experienced. He made sure he understood the issue perfectly before starting the session , and provided a well-rounded, straight to the point solution with extra helpful information.
Raed Hamam Jun 08, 2015

Very Attentive and knowledgeable.
David May 01, 2015

Again, what a mentor. Many thanks again for your ongoing help and support.
James Apr 14, 2015

As before fantastic help and support. Many thanks
James Apr 10, 2015

Well what can I say, Tibi was amazingly helpful, fixed the issues I was facing and he followed up to make sure everything worked right, awesome mentor. Thanks
James Apr 06, 2015