Avijit Gupta, Three.js freelance coderView Profile
Avijit Gupta4.5
Freelance Three.js developer in Bengaluru, India

Frontend developer

Currently Developing a live project for with the Mozilla team as a part of Mozilla Winter of Security-15, which invloves three.js being used for creating virtual reality interfaces for attack visualizations: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Automation/Winter_Of_Security_2015/MozDef_Virtual_Reality_Interface
Sven Neumann, Three.js freelance coderView Profile
Sven Neumann5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Gzira, Malta

I approach programming with passion and curiosity

I'm currently in the process of developing a CCG game engine for my Xenocide Academy project. I stream this work live daily.
Dusan, senior Three.js developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Three.js developer in San Jose, United States

3d guy

I'm a three.js contributor.
Jean-François Grangier, Three.js coder and engineerView Profile
Jean-François Grangier4.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Vitrolles, France

web 3D freelancer

applicable web 3D with three.js since 2012
Tony Jacobson, top Three.js developerView Profile
Tony Jacobson5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Woodinville, United States

Javascript Developer with 20 Years Experience

Written several three.js visualizations and interfaces. Have a good grasp of the library at a moderate level.
Jerome Etienne , Three.js software engineerView Profile
Jerome Etienne
Freelance Three.js developer in Dublin, Ireland
I'm the developer who has done the most three.js conferences worldwide. I love talking about three.js. I was rated eighth in github, here is the link to my site https://github.com/jeromeetienne.
Paul Cohen, Three.js freelance developerView Profile
Paul Cohen5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Tokyo, Japan

Play Smart

I like solving problems and delivering results that make positive impacts. Testimonials and Profiles 5 star review profile on https://codeable.io/developers/paul-cohen/ – #1 Outsourcing Service For WordPress 5 star review profile on https://www.codementor.io/sonicviz – Live 1:1 expert mentor site I'm a business strategist, creative technologist, musician and a former world champion sport parachuting. Read more @ http://www.sonicviz.com/us/
Steve Belovarich, Three.js dev and freelancerView Profile
Steve Belovarich5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in San Jose, United States

Full Stack JavaScript Engineer with a passion for teaching

My name is Steve and I am interested in helping others navigate the fast paced field of web development. I have been developing websites since the 90s and have 3 years experience teaching at the collegiate level from teaching at General Assembly, Marymount College, and Syracuse University. I am currently the lead on a project at Symantec Corporation, where I oversee and develop UI components for enterprise web applications using AngularJS. My expertise stretches beyond this framework into ES6, Node Express, CSS architectures, and I am particularly strong in the area of computer graphics. Hire me today and you will find a passionate teacher who wants to help the next generation of engineers build performant web experiences.
Jackson Broussard, Three.js freelancer and developerView Profile
Jackson Broussard5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Richmond, United States

Freelance Full-stack Engineer

Professional software engineer for 6 years. Javascript / CSS expert with years of experience using React and Redux to develop both simple and complex web apps.
Chandraprakash Sharma, Three.js coder and developerView Profile
Chandraprakash Sharma5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Jaipur, India

Technical Architect, Software Engineer/Developer, and a Roboticist with passion for Knowledge Flow

Lets connect and start discussing about your doubts/questions.. Intro: I am a Software Engineer/Developer with 6+ Years experience in Software Development. My experience and expertise make me a good Technical Architect along with an engineer. I have mostly worked on web/server softwares, middlewares and applications. I have acquired expertise and good experince with following - Specialties (Software/Programming): - Angular 2/4 - Java, Python, Javascript/Typescript, C++ - Messaging, REST, Network Programming(TCP/UDP), Netty, API/SPI Libraries. - RPC (Cross platform, cross language) - Serialization/Deserialization: XML, JSON, Messagepack, YAML - OrientDB, PostgreSQL - Web: NodeJS, Cordova/Phonegap, Canvas/WebGL programming in Javascript, HTML, CSS(Basic) - Designing Performant, Low latenc...
Christian Schluessel, Three.js programmer and consultantView Profile
Christian Schluessel4.9
Freelance Three.js developer in Berlin, Germany

Java, spring, FX8/Swing, Android, Php, Laravel, PL/SQL, VueJS2, Javascript, jQuery, Html/Css, Senior Developer, Project Manager, 16+ years

Java, JEE, Spring, FX8, Swing, Android, REST, Php, SQL, jQuery, Javascript, Html/Css. Mysql, Oracle, PL/SQL. 16+ years Senior Developer, Team Lead, Technical Project Manager and Consultant/Tutor for major companies(T-Systems, myToys.de, Jamba AG, Virtual Identity, OXID eSales). CakePhp, Magento, xtCommerce
Daniel Fortes, top Three.js developerView Profile
Daniel Fortes
Freelance Three.js developer in Registro, Brazil

Fullstack , React and WebGL developer.

Hello! My name is Daniel and I'm a software developer based in Brazil. I graduated in Physics almost 10 years ago. I didn't go to make a career in the field, but I did learn a lot of Math and problem solving along the way! I started a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering, focusing on computer graphics, but as my software consulting work started to grow I decided to focus solely on it. I love to make great Ideas become reality, and building interactive experiences that look good. My main focus is on WegGL and real-time 3D graphics for the Web, and Web Applications with React on the front-end and NodeJS or Python on the back-end.
Bartek Banachewicz, Three.js software engineer and devView Profile
Bartek Banachewicz5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Gdańsk, Poland

C++ Black Belt

IMPORTANT: If you want to contact me, and your timezone is significantly different, feel free to just open a session request during my timezone evenings (after 8pm till midnight). I've noticed that figuring out the request details via chat is extremely cumbersome. I'm a professional developer working on Application Performance Management in Dynatrace; currently stationed in Gdynia, Poland. I've done a number of jobs in the past, including Graphics Driver development at Intel, Game Development at Huuuge Games and other, potentially unrelated things. I've started programming wanting to be a game developer, so there's a huge chance I can help you with your C++ game project. I also know my ways around the low-level parts of C and C++. Right now my main focus at work is Node.js, so if you h...
Joke van Oijen, senior Three.js developerView Profile
Joke van Oijen
Freelance Three.js developer in Ghent, Belgium

Mobile developer with a lot of other interests

I have studied game development in college, and after graduation went into mobile development. This started with mobile 3D development, bringing CAD models for viewing in a mobile app, and went on to business apps. About 3 years ago, I worked on a game for a client that was for both android and iOS. From that point on, I developed more multi OS apps and worked mostly with react-native. Last year, I also got the opportunity to work on firmware, so I could create IoT apps from the actual hardware to the app that would support it. I am a big fan of automating the mundaine tasks and love working on automated build systems. For more information you can also check my site: www.jokevanoijen.be
Shreyas Subramaniam, Three.js consultant and programmerView Profile
Shreyas Subramaniam5.0
Freelance Three.js developer in Bengaluru, India

JavaScript hacker at stealth mode startup

Software engineer with extensive experience in, and knowledge of, client-side technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in building scalable web applications. Highly skilled in user interface development for web applications and web sites, from concept to implementation. Well-versed in performance optimization, internationalization, maintainability, and scalability. Specialties: Advanced JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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