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500 alum and long time internaut. Co-founded several companies and worked on three continents. Last travel data app > 23M/yr+ revenue. Managed teams with 35+ people. Raised funding three time including a startup studio. Bootstrapped to profitability twice. Sold thrice, but never huge. Software designer, whistleblower fan and occasional writer. Social engineer and the internaut of things. The rest is inconspicuous. I enjoy small teams who do big things and being a full time traveler with my family. All problems can be solved and every moment a new opportunity. I constantly need help with one or more of these keywords and often can help others with the same: javascript, architecture, architect, design, api, ionic, angular 2, node.js, stamplay, stripe, google cloud, aws, heroku, ruby/python/php when necessary, javascript, html5, writeon, beard and fedora, css, gulp, grunt, travis, codeship, mongo, graph, cloudant, mysql, gae datastore (hate), cloudflare, zapier, data, social graph, ecommerce, taxonomy, content management, cms, fulfillment, UX, CX, photoshop, illustrator, chromeos, mac osx, linux, ubuntu, markdown, writeon, tdd, mocha, protractor, userfairy, browser testing, DOM, karma, specs, documentation, github git, wiki, ugh...this is tiring.
No icon Open source - 15 years experience
I only work with open source technology. Period. I am a speaker and writer who advocates for all software to be in the commons, where it belongs.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 17 years experience
I use HTML5 every day and in every app or site, so it's fair to say I write HTML with my eyes half shut. I love to write it and then manipulate the hell out of it with JS and CSS...and can help you learn the voodoo magic of writing HTML for happiness.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I love to make crazy awesome things happen with JavaScript. Whether it's client side or server side, DOM manipulation or plain old workflow, JavaScript is my language or choice and I strive to kickass at it. I've built a few pure JS apps, including a full application stack.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I am exclusively building all my apps in Node these days. About a dozen so far...I love, love, love Node.
No icon Express - 2 years experience
All of my apps in Node have thus far been in Express since first trying Express two years ago. I guess once you learn something as awesome and flexible as Express, you just stick with it.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 3 years experience
I built an Angular application stack (like mean) called Hopstack, to help master directives, services, architecture and best practices. It was awesome. Let me show you how awesome it is.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
I think it's been about 7 years since I first tried jQuery, and have been hacking it ever since.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 2 years experience
I'm still working this into my life, but built a JavaScript app stack with Coffeescript and fell in love.
No icon Saas - 7 years experience
I help teams build SaaS experiences, software, interactions and business models. I like SaaS better than most models, and can help your team scale your model and product to SaaS.
No icon Compass sass - 2 years experience
Compass is a need to have dev tool when building complex apps, and I use it in the major apps I build and maintain.
No icon Bootstrap sass - 4 years experience
I have built about two dozen projects using Bootstrap SASS & LESS, and it is still my go to project kickstart framework. I can help you architect or automate your Bootstrap app integration.
No icon CSS - 15 years experience
Beauty, form, function, sex, and yes...style. It renders lightning fast if you write it correctly, and will make or break your app. It's best used as part of an optimized workflow, using such cool gadgets as SASS, LESS, Compass, and the likes. I love Bootstrap over several other frameworks for this reason...it works and works damn well and can be extended in infinite directions.
No icon Entrepreneurship - 15 years experience
I've built a startup studio, ran an accelerator, started six companies, exited two, and helped dozens of others build and grow theirs. I love to advise new teams in creating things that make a difference in the world by following their passion.
No icon Product design - 15 years experience
The first product I helped designed got bought. I've been designing new products ever since for big companies in new markets and startups alike. I am all about the creation.
No icon Software development - 15 years experience
I get hardware, but only because I write software to run on it. Enough said.
No icon Web development - 17 years experience
The first job I had in tech was doing web development for the US government and large brands. The web is sort of a big deal, and I am proud to be an Internaut in it.
No icon Landing pages - 10 years experience
I build landing pages like a Ninja, but I call them Smart Sites.
No icon User experience - 17 years experience
I started here. It was in a Human Computer Interaction minor in college that got me hooked, and everything I do in technology is rooted in user experience.
No icon Agile - 10 years experience
I was a certified Scrum Master and Agile Coach in a past life. To this day I help teams understand the value of iterating, failing often and failing fast, learning from doing, and trusting instincts over process. Keep it real.
No icon E commerce - 13 years experience
I have been building multi million dollar eCommerce channels for big and small companies for quite a while. It's different for every business, but the reality is that it's the same online as offline. People are people. Period. Treat people like people. Period. Technology just makes it scale cheaper.
Devops expert help DevOps - 10 years experience
I have built large, complex hosting environments for Drupal, Wordpress and Typo3. I have designed application and enterprise cloud environments using AWS, Scalr, Rightscale, Digital Ocean, and EngineYard. I am in love with Heroku and use it [almost] daily.
Wordpress WordPress - 8 years experience
When I build content sites I usually build with Wordpress. I know it very well. Inside and out. I recently built something called StacheStack, based on Roots, which is sort of like magic for citizen developers.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
Workflow, workflow, workflow. Just today I screwed up big time, but thanks to mastering git, it was about 5 minutes recovering something that would take half a day in SVN, and would have been unrecoverable without SCM. I teach teams how to master Git workflow and how to make life easier, literally, and have more time to enjoy things non-computer related because of git.
No icon Gulp.js - 2 years experience
If you don't use gulp, you better be using grunt.
No icon Gruntjs - 2 years experience
If you don't use grunt, you better be using gulp.
No icon Google analytics - 8 years experience
As a growth hacker, I have to be well versed in tagging, tracking, analyzing, and improving the experience. I like to use GA to do this because it is extremely powerful and customizable.
No icon Google tag manager - 1 year experience
As a growth hacker, I have to be well versed in tagging, tracking, analyzing, and improving the experience. I like to use GTM to do this because it is extremely powerful and customizable, and the interface is simpler to use than other platforms. It also lets me tag anything from any vendor platform normally used in marketing.
Seo expert help SEO - 10 years experience
SEO is a fact of life on the web if you care about people finding you. Tricks of the trade knowing the search engine methodologies, and spending due time in setting up your SEO strategy (including paid advertising and competitor analysis) are ways to stay on top and on the first page.
forge 1   0
A native implementation of TLS in Javascript and tools to write crypto-based and network-heavy webapps
C CSS Shell Python JavaScript ActionScript
Ghost 1   0
Just a blogging platform
iodocs 1   0
Interactive API documentation system
kbpgp 1   0
Public-key crypto and improvements to OpenPGP.js
C Python Makefile JavaScript Standard ML CoffeeScript
labster-landing-material-proto 1   0
Labster Material Design Landing Page Prototype
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript
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Joel is very knowledgable and very open to providing an expert opinion. Although we didn't come to a resolution in our hour session, he left me with plenty of options on what I should do next. I would highly recommend him for any of your issues.
Tyler Goelz May 06, 2015