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Jim OKelly (RubyLove)

Advanced Rubyist here to help you shine a light on your challenges!

Mexico City (-06:00)
Spanish, English
Hello! I am the writer behind rubylove.io, and I have been coding since I was 13 and I will be 40 in a few short years. I have been a Rubyist since 2007 and have been writing Rails code since 2008. I love to help people dig through the problems they face in a test driven, isolated manner. Teaching people is a passion of mine, second only to hacking.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 7 years experience
Here is a screencast I recently released showing how to refactor conditionals out of your ruby code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhIYw1Y7pY0 I have been a professional ruby consultant for almost 8 years now. I practice TDD and write clean, idiomatic ruby code. I understand software boundaries, where to mock, how test in isolation, and what a functional test actually is. Let me demystify Rails' opinions and magic and lay it bare before you. After all, you never know when a Grue might be hiding in the dark....
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 6 years experience
I've built enough Rails apps to know you want most of your code in Ruby, and use Rails as a database and web service layer! But yes, I know Rails pretty much inside and out, although I am only interested in Rails 3+ projects. I love minitest, but rspec or test unit is cool too.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I use it every day. It is amazing how many websites teach you to use git wrong. Rebases are only for cleanup, merges are only for feature branch to master, and master/staging, etc are not branches that should be rebased or pull merged. That is what resets are for!
Sql expert help SQL - 12 years experience
What would web software be without databases? Lame! Knowing how paging works, understanding how to join to include and exclude data is vital as a software developer. Don't let Arel make your site slow!
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 14 years experience
I have been a web developer since 1999. I have been through the browser wars. I have seen vbscript come and go. I welcome html5 and css3 with all my heart! Simple, semantic html.
No icon Vim - 5 years experience
VIM (or Emacs) is the difference between a script kiddie and a hacker. Especially as a web developer, VIM wipes the floor with IDEs and graphical interfaces. Let me take you form kiddie to pro with my VIM mentoring
No icon Bash - 10 years experience
Using your bash shell correctly can power up your development environment.
fantasyhub 3   3
The business logic behind the web app for the PeepCode PBP Challenge given to @wycats and @tenderlove
Ruby Shell
little-book-of-vim 3   0
I believe vim and the unix way is the cornerstone to a brilliant software developer and hacker, therefore, a book
macsetup 2   1
Scripts to quickly build a Mac Ruby dev environment
my-ruby-book 2   0
The journey from the land of imperative mutable state to the land of lists, immutability, and explicivity!
playing_cards 1   4
A functional deck of playing cards
Ruby Shell
Jim is great to work with , enjoying the relationship.
rob Mar 25, 2015

Jim's input is always top notch!
Patrick Campbell Mar 23, 2015

Jim really knows rails
darius goore Mar 14, 2015

Jim is awesome. Really one of the best people to learn from.
Reza Piri Mar 03, 2015

Jim was awesome! i would recommend him to anyone needing ruby help.
Tony Castiglione Feb 27, 2015

Thanks Jim, excellent, highly informative session!
Mike Feb 26, 2015

Jim knows his stuff, highly recommended!
Ben Gervais Feb 24, 2015

setting up an entire virtual machine to get started, this is good advice
Ian Golden Feb 23, 2015

Jim is great. He was efficient, knowledgeable, and helped me realize the problem quickly. I highly recommend him.
Christopher Reynoso Feb 18, 2015

Great, once again.
stanleychris2 Feb 17, 2015

Great as always
stanleychris2 Feb 17, 2015

Jim is great - breaks things down for you and keeps you on the right track to solving your problems.
stanleychris2 Feb 13, 2015

Another great session from Jim
Harrison Lucas Feb 13, 2015

Jim is great, he explains everything very well. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to resolve the issue, though I learnt some great new techniques that I was not familiar with before.
Armin Naimi Feb 13, 2015

real quick fix! great mentor
josh Feb 12, 2015

Another great session from Jim - 100% reconmend
Harrison Lucas Feb 12, 2015

Jim was methodical in his approach and patiently worked through some unique code to get to the bottom, while keeping me up to speed.
Dave Sick Feb 11, 2015

Very experienced
Gordon Gray Feb 10, 2015

Jim's a great mentor who will not only help solve your problem but help solve all the other problems you didn't know you even had. Will use again
Harrison Lucas Feb 10, 2015

learn something new every day
Ralph Johnson Feb 09, 2015

After one session, I found Jim to be a great mentor. Even long time Ruby/Rails users like me can benefit from his experience and recommendations. I intend to use him on a regular basis to review my code and give me insights into better ways of coding things.
Steve Downie Feb 09, 2015

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Gordon Gray Feb 09, 2015

He rules, very concrete, and tells you like it is.
eduardo Feb 05, 2015

Jim was very thorough. He broke down the issue step-by-step and helped me arrive to a solution. I would recommend this mentor to others.
Ricky Feb 05, 2015

Ruby love is awesome... He helped me do some things that I'm not totally sure mortals are intended to do with Ruby on Rails, but his solution was simple, elegantly packaged within my application, and best of all - it works! Very impressed - hiring long term because of my experience with him.
Patrick Campbell Feb 03, 2015

Did a good job of getting me set up for my project
Patrick Campbell Feb 02, 2015

He really knows his stuff. He gives quality explanations, handles your problems efficiently and is aware of the time your paying for. I strongly recommend him as a mentor.
Warren Kushner Feb 01, 2015

Fixed my problem and explained everything along the way.
Igor Jan 31, 2015

Great first session. Learned much more than expected.
Gordon Gray Jan 29, 2015

Cares. About the topic, and teaching/learning.
Ralph Johnson Jan 28, 2015

Another great session!
Nate Jan 27, 2015

Jim was super helpful getting a bootstrap theme integrated with my rails app. He was patient through numerous js bugs and the time it took for researching and reloading. Happy to say everything is working smoothly now.
Jack Pope Jan 27, 2015

Jim is a sailor, and my code was choppy water to say the least... But as a great sailor should, he not only steered us clear of rocks but completely deleted those bad boys. Ready to get the problem solved in one more session.
Nate Jan 26, 2015

Very personable, focused on teaching. When the conversation became conversation (and not specific to the problem) he paused the session and talked off the clock. Considering long-term mentorship.
Ralph Johnson Jan 24, 2015

still unsure what to grade him. he told me my entire rails-based project should be re-done. i have no issues redoing it if it really needs to be done since I'm doing it the "wrong way." We are having another session tomorrow to continue starting from scratch, but at the moment, I am much further behind on my project than I was before I started this session. I guess we'll see what happens.
zack eidman Jan 13, 2015

Jim is an excellent mentor, and is quick at identifying the problem(s), and recommending effective solutions.
Richard Hamlin Jan 13, 2015

Awesome session. Highly recommended!!
Mike Kabbani Jan 13, 2015

Jim was really helpful and by using him I was able to save countless hours searching for answers online. He seemed to know Rails extremely well and knew right where my problems were. Going to use him as a mentor in the future for sure.
Patrick Campbell Jan 12, 2015

Jim is awesome. Extremely knowledgeable. Booking another session.
Oliver Jan 12, 2015

he did a great job of breaking down code
Tim Taylor Dec 26, 2014

Jim was quick to lock in on my skill level and take it from there. Appreciated his adaptive teaching style. Looking forward to working more with him.
Nathan Jul 29, 2014

Great mentor! We had an issue that wasn't well documented online and Jim figured it out fast. Jim is very experience, personable and easy to relate to.
Bryan Jenkins Jul 24, 2014

Jim was very thorough and helpful in fixing my bug. He explained his process well which I appreciated. Would definitely ask him for help again.
Grace Ng Jun 30, 2014

Jim is an excellent mentor! He went above and beyond to help me solve my problem and I'll be using him plenty in the future. I wish I'd have found him a year ago!
Wil Helser Jun 19, 2014

Helped me solve a bug and showed me the proper way to do things
Anthony May 12, 2014

Great, clearly explained things and didn't just fix the bug and leave, but explained it and made sure i understood what was wrong and how i fix it properly.
Anthony May 09, 2014

Excellent mentor - very concerned that I'm learning as we're doing. Hell bent on solving problems!!!
josh May 08, 2014

good guy, good stuff - I'll be back
Nathan May 02, 2014

Great session, booking another one!
Jack Zerby May 02, 2014

James is a great mentor. He does a great job of quickly identifying issues, and suggests corrections using Ruby / Rails best practices.
Richard Hamlin Apr 29, 2014

Awesome and thoughtful help with my rails project! Thanks
Erik Lukas Apr 22, 2014