Every journey has a start

Published Dec 07, 2017
Every journey has a start

Start writing here...Nowadays time is the biggest asset: you can get more money but you can’t get back the lost time.
Resources, especially human, are difficult to gather in the same place.
So we hire people remotely or outsource most of our projects.
When doing that we trust the person on the other side of the world to build a part of our business.
Maybe for others is all about the journey, not about the destination but, in general, both are very important.
The way you track the roadmap and progress will consolidate your journey and take you to the right place.
You always use at least one tool for each key component in your team:
Slack or Skype for communication
Asana or Jira for project tracking
Google docs for collaboration
Quora or Shortcut for knowledge
The question is what automation tools do you use for getting things up to speed and on the right track?
We at Teamlog automate how employees use their time at work. Reports and notifications are the cherries on the top.

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