Top Senior Template engine Developers of August 2017

Full-Stack Javascript developer / Front-End designer

I'm a Senior Full stack javascript developer and front end designer. I've been working for several years on different based web apps and user interfaces. CTO at

Independent Internet Professional

I'm a solutions-oriented full-stack web developer with several years experience in PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML/XML/XSLT, CSS, Linux/Windows, Bash and many frameworks/plugins/products thereof including: Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Ratchet, Composer, MySQL, MSSQL, jQuery, YUI, Bootstrap, Angular, Grunt, Sass, Compass, AWS, Apache, Nginx, IIS, Magento, Expression Engine, WordPress, Movable Type, and Cascade Server to name a few. Whether I'm hired to work as part of a multi-dev team, team lead, or the sole developer on a project I make a deliberate effort to adapt, relate, and interact with my peers on their level so we're all on the same page and as cohesive as possible; and as John "Hannibal" Smith says "I love it when a plan comes together". Every teacher can learn from their students and every peer can learn from their peers. My mentors, my peers say I'm never too proud to ask questions and am always committed to the goal at hand, I'm glad my efforts are noticed and I hope their recommendations speak for themselves. If there's any tool, utility, or app the team uses, I'll stop at nothing to pick it up and get up to speed with the rest of the team and help those that ask for it in any way I can. I travel full-time and have enjoyed working remotely with every team I've participated with since 2014. I always let folks know when I'll be available, when I expect to complete my current task, and when I'll follow up instead of waiting for them to ask. In my spare time, I stay busy sight-seeing, hiking, writing, and tinkering with electrical, plumbing, propane, mechanical, and other upgrades on my 27' class A motorhome.

I'm a full stack developer doing Backend and Frontend work using PHP, Firebase, Javascript, Servers, Google App Engine, doing DevOps on AWS, Digital Ocean & Google Compute Engine,

Over 10 years doing core application development and also spend of a lot of time working with teams of developers as CTO. I have a lot of experience and knowledge. I design architecture for apps, write a lot of PHP code, can answer questions around PHP, very experienced with Firebase and several of the Google APIs and Products and use the Google Cloud Platform.

Web Engineer at 4th Fastest Growing Startup In Boulder, CO.

I'm a full-stack web engineer with over 5 years experience in early-stage startup development, startup growth, feasibility & marketing. I'm highly involved with Boulder, CO's startup community & startup accelerator/funding infrastructure. I'm also proficient in web technologies such as ES5, ES6, PHP5, Angular, Meteor, Laravel5, ReactJS, CSS3/HTML5, view templating, SASS, LESS, & Web Desing/UX. I'm also experienced in utilizing back-end technologies i.e.e MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL, Apache, Redux, Express and more. If I could have even a small role in solving at least one of humanity's pressing problems or in altering the course of mankind, I'd consider myself successful.

Full Stack Developer with good knowledge in Web

Been working in Full stack from last 2-3 years and have a good knowledge of web . Can help people in world of web and share knowledge about the same Have worked in Python and Reviewing systems

Software Developer

Programming is more than a passion for me. I started coding when I was 14, way before I decided to pursue it in university. The University of Balamand made me more mature programming wise, and gave me personal skills that I couldn't have achieved elsewhere; like being involved in a team (Computer Science Club, Highlights, the university's newspaper, being a Microsoft Student Partner, a Red Cross volunteer since the base was on campus, and many more). I fell in love with web technologies, mainly PHP and Javascript, and I intend to pursue it till the end. My goal is to be a kickass fullstack web developer. I know I'm more than capable of being one.

Full Stack Developer || Network Security Enthusiast || Freelancer || Foodie.

Trustworthy,loyal and hard working guy who always try to do the best of the capabilities. Along with enthusiasm, posses a strong sense of ownership of my work. A quick learner and can adjust to different technologies easily. Ready to work in any circumstances because my ultimate goal is to learn then master my skills. Self motivated, optimistic person that can master the required techniques by practicing, devoting myself to the work. Currently in 3rd year with CSE branch in LNMIIT having keen interest in web and software development.

Sinapss Solutions

I am a software engineer from Tampa, Florida with almost two decades of software design and development experience. I hold Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems (Economic Computer Science), speak and write fluent in 3 world languages and create desktop, mobile and web applications using state-of-the-art programming languages such as C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and Node.JS. I have a broad range of expertise in Software Engineering. I am passionate about sound user experience and strive to create performant, interactive and meaningful software applications for users and companies alike. I have acquired a strong working knowledge of C# (WPF, WCF, Services), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MEAN Stack and keep up with innovative technologies and trends in the field. I embrace change and appreciate the importance of sound design, highly engaging, innovative experiences and creativity in the creation. I work as lead software engineer for a privately-owned toxicology laboratory, have co-founded and act as “Executive CTO” for a mail storage and distribution company and act as technical consultant for an international business consulting firm.

Frontend/Backend Software Developer

- I try to keep abreast of new trends in the IT world and trying to predict which of them will be in demand - I have worked with projects of varying size and complexity of the various platforms and systems. - I also participated in the design of various interfaces such as mobile applications and various CRM systems - I study and analyze the behavior of users with different systems/interfaces and try to find the best and optimal solutions for their implementation I am glad to explore and conquer new horizons

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