Martin Foley, Technical writing freelance coderView Profile
Martin Foley5.0
Freelance Technical writing developer in Caracas, Venezuela

CTO at Draft AI | #1 CodeMentor for Python, JS, Node, React for now - still working on the others ;)

I am currently CTO of my own data science startup and have years of experience analysing data and writing reports & documentation for demanding investors, clients, etc.
Karthic Rao, Technical writing freelance programmerView Profile
Karthic Rao5.0
Freelance Technical writing developer in Bengaluru, India

Passionate learner, Developer, Writer, Teacher and Musician

- Ability to crunch information for easy consumption, experience of writing over 200 tech blogs ( , . - -Core engineer and evangelist for an open source company in the past - Experience managing local and global technology communities. - Experience of interacting and helping developer communities, So I understand their expectations. - Passionate about AI and leading evangelizing efforts for upcoming AI India conference.
Patrik Vaberer, senior Technical writing developerView Profile
Patrik Vaberer
Freelance Technical writing developer in Hlohovec, Slovakia

iOS Engineer | Toptal | CTO of Smart Record

I contributed to Toptal platform with technical articles.
Alexander Dymo, senior Technical writing developerView Profile
Alexander Dymo
Freelance Technical writing developer in Pleasant Hill, United States

Ruby & Rails expert, author of Ruby Performance Optimization book. Frequent mentor on everything Rails and especially on Rails performance optimization

I'm a PragProg author. I wrote the Ruby Performance Optimization book published in 2015: Also co-authored blog posts on Have my own blog:
Mr Asfandyar, Technical writing freelance coderView Profile
Mr Asfandyar
Freelance Technical writing developer in Tangi, Pakistan

I am full time Freelancer and Programmer

I am a teacher and freelancer who have 3 years of experience in freelancing. I have high experience to proofread a paper. During proofreading, I check grammar mistakes, structures of sentences, spelling mistakes and formatting. I offer this proofreading service in all fields like Business, English, Philosophy, Life sciences, Anthropology, History, Politics, Social Sciences and Literature. I have extraordinary proofreading experience because I am doing this practice from my childhood.
Kaushik Pal, Technical writing freelance programmerView Profile
Kaushik Pal
Freelance Technical writing developer in Kolkata, India

Technical Architect/Senior Consultant/ Technical trainer with 15 years of experience in enterprise application and product development

Technical writing is a area where you need good understanding of different technologies and their implementation. As I have been working with various technologies for last 16 years, I used to provide technical contribution to reputed technology websites/blogs/forums etc. I want to share my practical experience in technical writing and prepare you to work as a technical writer. In my training session, I am going to teach you techniques to become an expert technical writer. Hope you will enjoy the session. You can visit my website :
Rory Duncan, Technical writing freelance programmerView Profile
Rory Duncan
Freelance Technical writing developer in Chico, United States

Web Developer, Software Engineer, & Cat Enthusiast

I have a focused interest in product development—from a software engineering perspective. My other related skills are design, UI/UX, branding, authorship, and code architecture.
Jacinta Richardson, Technical writing software engineer and devView Profile
Jacinta Richardson
Freelance Technical writing developer in Melbourne, Australia

Trainer, Writer, Perl expert

I've written training courses, newsletters, user manuals and more, for years. Let me help you write yours.
Marcus Bointon, senior Technical writing developerView Profile
Marcus Bointon
Freelance Technical writing developer in Sallanches, France

PHP, email, security, technical writing

Unlike many developers, I *love* writing documentation. I have excellent spelling and grammar, and an eye for detail. I have written many articles for wikis, support documents, books, web sites, generated documentation (e.g. PHPDoc) and more. I've also worked as a technical reviewer & editor. As part of my penetration testing work, I've written detailed technical reports on complex penetration tests, and I'm a contributing author to the PenText reporting standard recently adopted by OWASP. I'm also available for sub-editing, proofing and correction of translations, which often need a lot of work! I'm comfortable in code-oriented version-controlled environments with markdown, XML-based formats etc, but I can also handle Word, OpenOffice, Pages and other desktop apps.
Kent Marsh, Technical writing freelance developerView Profile
Kent Marsh
Freelance Technical writing developer in Villa Rica, United States

Very experienced .NET full stack developer.

Written numerous technical courses, technical articles and contributed to several published technical books. Also authored "PowerBuilder 4 Developers Guide" for SAMS publishing (800+ pages)
Michael Park, Technical writing freelance coderView Profile
Michael Park
Freelance Technical writing developer in Long Island City, United States

Full stack architect and developer / Technical Product Manager I have been the Technical Director at 2 of the top 10 most innovative agencies of 2010 according to Fast Company, and have a demonstrated track record of contributing success and innovation. Some of my biggest projects include Aol's online dating service, as well as RepNation, a crowdsourced social marketing platform. I have also deployed some of the first large scale applications on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. I have architected and lead development on large web application projects for 2 of the top 5 largest companies in America. I have also worked with small creative teams to help break through technical barriers on award winning campaigns - including a Cannes Lion. I have a strong technical background in architecting, developing a...
Esteban Solano Granados, Technical writing engineer and consultantView Profile
Esteban Solano Granados5.0
Freelance Technical writing developer in Cartago, Costa Rica

Mobile & Cloud / .Net Consultant | Xamarin & Microsoft MVP

I'm Senior Software Engineer, certified professional and Xamarin/Microsoft with more than 10 years of working experience on web, desktop and mobile projects. Methodologies that I work include best practices including Design Patterns, Clean Code, Test Driven Development, Refactoring, N-tier systems and architectural models under Unit Testing, Refactoring, Versioning Control, Continuous Integration and Agile methodologies. My background experience goes from design and development of software from backend systems through Windows Communication Foundation, web services, JSON and XML connecting remote clients including single-page applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and windows application developed using ASP .NET MVC, , MVC, WPF, Silverlight and Xamarin. I live in Cartago, Costa Ric...
David Sergey, Technical writing freelance coderView Profile
David Sergey
Freelance Technical writing developer in London, United Kingdom
Shahrukh Anwer, senior Technical writing developerView Profile
Shahrukh Anwer
Freelance Technical writing developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior System Software Consultant

A Creative and business/Tech savvy system analyst with 6+ years of progressive experience across eliciting and gathering requirements, passionate about Software Development, writing business rules, managing software documentation, mock-ups, coordinating with different teams/projects, clients, departments and with executive team members can be used which adds demanded value. Developing E.R.P and large scale solutions for companies to enhance, accurate and advance their daily operations, accounts, sales, clients interaction and custom reports generation. Developing scale-able architecture with backups and replicated architecture to enhance application integrity and availability.

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