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Tony Alves

Tony Alves

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I have worked with full stack development of business systems for 3 decades. Extensive software development in web technologies for the past 15+ years. Although I am concentrating now on mobile and web solutions with javascript and HTML5, I have extensive experience with programming languages and frameworks such as C#, Asp.Net, .NET, AS3, JavaScript, PHP and more. Help with local development setup using GIT and web package management tools is included in my experience.
Famous expert help Famo.us - 1 year experience
I am putting a hold on Mentorship of Famo.us until they release Mixed mode. The current version 0.3.0 will be obsolete (unfortunately). I've been developing in the Famo.us framework since the private beta. I am a major contributor in the irc channel on freenode (#famous) as well as StackOverflow for Famo.us. I created the "Happy boxes" demo prior to any documentation in the physics engine of Famo.us and the link was re-tweeted by Steve Newcomb. I have written quite a few private components in Famo.us, which may soon be public in open source.
famous-happy-boxes 18   4
Proofing the physics engine in famous.
CSS JavaScript
famous-webpack-seed 2   1
Seed project for Webpack and Famo.us, with Cordova, Jade, LESS, and much more
CSS JavaScript
famous-slideshow-webpack 2   0
The famous slideshow demo using webpack
CSS JavaScript
famous-flex 1   1
Flexible, animated and plugable layout-controller for famo.us
MembershipReboot_HotTowel 1   0
Combining Membership Reboot with HotTowel as an Example
C# ASP CSS JavaScript