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I'm a seasoned iOS developer with a passion for sharing what I've learned and having fun while we do it. My broad knowledge of every aspect of iOS development, from architecting to coding to testing, to debugging to deploying and improving, is going to help you push your knowledge forward, solve your problems and exceed the expectations of those around you. I value providing clear, straightforward advice on both how to solve the problem and how to structure your code for maintainability and best practices.
4 iOS
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
My iOS experience involves shipping all kinds of native iOS applications in both Objective-C and Swift. I'm very familiar with the open source ecosystem and Apple supplied frameworks.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I use `git` exclusively from the command line and have encountered and solved most problems users tend to have in day to day work. I have more experience than I would like with fixing submodule references.
No icon Cocoapods - 3 years experience
I was formerly a member of the CocoaPods core team and have a great deal of experience troubleshooting CocoaPods.
Swift expert help Swift - 3 years experience
I have seven years' Swift experience after I wrote a time machine OS in it.
No icon Reactive cocoa - 3 years experience
swift-redis 37   4
Redis bridges for Swift, Linux friendly.
Shell Swift
ffmailman 10   0
Fucking Fuck Mailman
HTML Nginx Shell Swift
Underwood 10   0
A Web Framework For Swift
docker-swift 6   0
Who uses El Capitan anyway?
JLPRequestSubscripting 6   0
Terrific HTTP header subscripting for NSURLRequests!
Ruby Objective-C
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Thomas was very formal and knowledgeable in helping me debug my issue. Looking forward to chatting with him again in the near future. Learned a lot form our lesson.
Diego May 21, 2016

Great session. Will definitely use Thomas again!
Greg Harrington May 17, 2016

Thomas is super helpful. He doesn't just do the work for you. He clearly explains what's going on so you can learn by doing. I highly recommend working with him.
Peter Haymond Jul 21, 2015

Thomas solved my issue in mere minutes. He is a wizard.
Antonio Agudo Jul 21, 2015

Awesome guy, knew what he was talking about and knew how to tackle my ideas.
Nicole Hinckley Jul 07, 2015

Great Job Again! Very effective and honest about problems. Recommend him to anyone looking to solve iOS problems or programming problems in general
Greg Jul 07, 2015

Very helpful and provided many suggestions for my ios issue.
Martin Jul 06, 2015

Clear and fun to work with :)
vincent Jun 29, 2015

Thomas was very helpful and walked me through resolving my issue! I highly recommend him for any issues regarding iOS and Swift! Thanks!
Kurt Walker Jun 24, 2015

Aaron Jun 21, 2015

awesome dude, great help will forward to working with him again.
Chris Jun 16, 2015

Got the Job done!
Aaron Jun 15, 2015

Thomas was exceptionally knowledgable, and very rapidly understood how to help!
Greg Harrington Jun 13, 2015

Thomas was very knowledgable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend him and would use him as a mentor in future!
Hugh Mullally Jun 13, 2015

Great Job Once Again. Wouldn't hesistate to reach out to him
Greg Jun 12, 2015

Another Awesome Job! Worth every penny!
Aaron Jun 12, 2015

Thomas really helped me out and showed tremendous patience with me as a complete rookie in swift coding.
Jonathan Jun 11, 2015

Excellent programmer. Solved my problem expeditiously. Probably the best programmer I've worked with on codementor
Greg Jun 10, 2015

If you're having trouble with git or cocoapods, he's your guy.
Derek Jun 10, 2015

Knowledgeable iOS developer
Derek Jun 10, 2015

Even when he doesn't know the answer he finds out really quickly and then... he knows the answer.
Nathan Cain Jun 10, 2015

Awesome Job!
Aaron Jun 09, 2015

Thomas is #$%^*!@ Awesome! He quickly able to fix the issue.
Aaron Jun 07, 2015

Extremely knowledgable about iOS paradigms and implementation of approaches.
Todd Zusman Jun 05, 2015