Benjamin Chris, senior Swift 4 developerView Profile
Benjamin Chris
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Sydney, Australia

Senior iOS and Android Application Developer

I am working for iOS and Android application developer for my customers in order for customer's app to become a World Top Application. I am an 8 years experienced iOS and Android native app developer. I've started Android app programming since 2009, started iOS app programming since 2011. I've developed dozens of native apps and published them to apple app store and google play stores. I like Swift, Objective-C and Android Java programming very much. Actually I enjoy it. Writing some code, then it shows me Beautiful working result. I like playing soccer and playing piano, too.
Zeeshan Khan, Swift 4 freelance coderView Profile
Zeeshan Khan5.0
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Islamabad, Pakistan

UI/UX Designer | iOS Developer | MEAN Stack Developer

I have been working as a UI/UX Designer & iOS Developer since 2010 and 2014 respectively. I have a love for clean design and code and learning new things I'm presently expanding my solid experience in UI / UX design and iOS development. I focus on using my interpersonal skills to design and develop in such a way that creates a strong interest in my employers. I hope to develop skills in product design. As an individual, I'm self-confident and you’ll find me creative and naturally passionate. I’m a forward thinker, which others may find inspiring when working as a team
Maksim Bazarov, senior Swift 4 developerView Profile
Maksim Bazarov
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Berlin, Germany

iOS Developer / Swift Backend Developer

Ill fill this out later
Andrew Lombard, senior Swift 4 developerView Profile
Andrew Lombard5.0
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Renfrew, Canada

Lead Developer at Binary Works (IOS + Swift) with 9 Published Apps

I'm a Mobile Dev who writes apps for my indie startup and have published 9 apps to the App store to date with over 100K in downloads. I'm Passionate about code and understanding concepts - the why behind the what! Love helping new Developers learn the ropes - no question too small.
Sergi Gracia, Swift 4 freelance coderView Profile
Sergi Gracia
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Barcelona, Spain

Senior iOS Developer

I am an experienced iOS Developer with almost a decade in the field, primarily in mobile startups ecosystem. My specialties are development, architectural design, debugging, refactoring legacy code, testing, process automation and clean code.
Vlad Averin, Swift 4 freelance programmerView Profile
Vlad Averin
Freelance Swift 4 developer in St Petersburg, Russia

iOS Applications Developer ● Remote team Player ● Open-source Contributor

● Swift / Objective-C / iOS Developer ● Having solid Back-end/Databases/Web-apps/APIs design and usage understanding ● Helping / consulting people remotely, and learning from people even more ● Love building MVP/Proof-of-concept for good ideas ● Love reusable and flexible solutions ● Willing to help and meet new fellow Swifters!
Ariel Elkin, Swift 4 freelance programmerView Profile
Ariel Elkin
Freelance Swift 4 developer in La Plata, Argentina

Senior iOS Developer

I am a senior iOS Developer with extensive experience, having worked on more than ten commercial apps in the App Store. Throughout my career I have been responsible for code creation, project architecture, team tasks management, and technical management. My Master's Degree in Computer Science has given me a passion for becoming an expert in my field. I have been the Editor of the Mobile section of, an online magazine with more than 10 million page views per month, where I commissioned and edited tutorials and articles about mobile development. The iOS developers community is important to me, and I enjoy listening to and giving conference talks about iOS and Swift. I also taught iOS development at London's General Assembly. iOS developers are part of an important open-source c...
Maxim Khatskevich, Swift 4 freelancer and developerView Profile
Maxim Khatskevich
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Lewes, United States

"Full-stack" native iOS engineer (Swift)

I have lots of experience of developing apps from scratch and launching on App Store. Software architecture is one of my strongest skills. I write rock-solid code with no tech debt quickly and in the most efficient way, thanks to tons of experience and sophisticated toolset made of best and battle-tested open-source libs. I can work either as part of the team or completely independently, do not need supervision, self-organized and highly enthusiastic. Have a very good understanding of Apple HIG. I can do basic UI/UX design to, if needed.
Tim, senior Swift 4 programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Swift 4 developer in Manchester, United Kingdom

Expert Vapor Developer

I have been involved in Vapor from the very early days and am an active member of the community organising the Vapor London meetup, developing a number of popular libraries and spending more time than I should on the Vapor Slack channel!

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