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Johnny B. (Ionică Bizău), Svg.js engineer and developerHire Now
Freelance Svg.js developer in Beiuș, Romania

Full Stack, *nix user, Pianist, College Dropout, Vegetarian, Jesus follower

Hi! My name is Ionică Bizău. If you're having problems pronouncing it, you can simply call me Johnny (that's how "Ionică" is translated in English). I work as full stack developer since 2012, with Node.js & JavaScript. Before that, I was creating WordPress sites and HTML/CSS apps. Currently I'm doing the best in Node.js (including command line tools), JavaScript, SVG (d3, svg.js). If I can help, I'll definitely do it, as long your app is not promoting things which tend to be potentially immoral. For example, I'm happy to help you build an e-shop, but I won't build an e-shop designed specifically for selling wine, since I'm against the use of alcohol for drinking. ♦ Node.js: 4 years of experience, ~600 packages published on NPM ♦ JavaScript: 4 years of experience, lots of libraries yo...
Rajeev Singh, Svg.js freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Svg.js developer in Lynn, United States

Code Architect

"Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships" – Linus Torvalds. I'll teach you how to code strategically so that you can code with ease and confidence.

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