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Johnny B. (Ionică Bizău), SVG engineer and developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Beiuș, Romania

Full Stack, *nix user, Pianist, College Dropout, Vegetarian, Jesus follower

I worked with SVG things for two years, especially using d3.js and svg.js. I like more svg.js because it's low level, small and it supports plugins. I wrote a bunch of svg.js plugins:
Tanner Hodges, top SVG developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Matthews, United States

Front-end developer. Going down the rabbit hole so you don't have to.

SVG is the swiss army knife of web design. I took the deep dive last year, learning what's possible when you combine it with HTML: alpha masks, blurs, gradient overlays, color effects and more!
Helder da Rocha, SVG software engineerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Seasoned Web, Java and XML teacher, writer and developer

I have been using SVG since 2009. In 2010 I wrote a tutorial and textbook used in training about SVG. Recently I have spoken about SVG in conferences (such as the Brazilian W3 conference in 2015) and teaching it in companies (mostly as part of a D3 course)
Prem Rose, freelance SVG programmerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

JavaScript programmer, ES6+, Node.js, HTML5, SVG and CSS

I created Pablo <>, a JavaScript library for generating and manipulating SVG graphics. I am familiar with the creation of graphics, interaction with JavaScript, animation using native SVG, CSS or requestAnimationFrame, and more.
Fabien Devaux, top SVG developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Cologne, Germany

Software architect & Python/UI/UX expert on Linux

I always did some graphical design and used Inkscape (formerly sodipodi) since the begin. I love this format allowing great web integration, especially when it comes to animation or dynamic content. I developped a "demonstration" application (very simple UI to demonstrate some hardware) for a custommer.
Jonathan, freelance SVG developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Santa Maria del Real, Honduras
Created SVG font for SignWriting sign languages for use in web pages. Created interactive web page for train tracks map with pop-up max rail widths.
Damon Bauer, SVG freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Ashburn, United States

Front End Developer with 8 years experience

I've started to build icon sets with SVG and I've implemented them in lots of different ways including: inline, as background images and as sprites. I've done tons of research into the pros and cons of each method and have written a blog post with my findings.
Doug Sanchez, SVG freelance coderHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Boston, United States

Design Teaching Staff at MIT

I have been creating and coding SVG's for 6 years. Whether I am making a 3D model or an icon-font, I always start with SVG.
Leo Osa, SVG developer for hireHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Kiev, Ukraine

UX/Product Designer & UI Developer with 10+XP

Im expert UI/UX developer and designer with 9 years experience in design and 4 years in development. I'll be glad to help you with ui/ux for mobile and web apps. Also im professional coder.
Hristo Georgiev, SVG software engineerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Yambol, Bulgaria

Web Software Engineer experienced in Angular 5 and Ruby on Rails 5 | Founder of Centroida | Pluralsight author

Hristo has five years of experience managing and developing software development projects using web technologies. He has trained over 20 people in software engineering and written over 60,000 words in guides on Pluralsight. Apart from expertise in software engineering and software architecture, Hristo has an extensive background in business. He has consulted companies from different industries and created digital strategies that are custom-tailored to their needs. He has graduated the American University in Bulgaria with B.A in Computer Science and Business Administration. He was founder and president of The Hub - a student club that gathered students interested tech entrepreneurship, software development and innovation. The club hosted workshops on different technologies, organized fi...
Jonathan Eunice, SVG software engineerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Ashburn, United States

full-stack Python & JavaScript ● IT architect & strategist ● DevOps ● smokejumper

• Expert full-stack Python & JavaScript developer • Full DevOps: project architecture to production deployment at scale • Outstanding trouble-shooter and "OMG! Everything is on fire! HALP!!" first responder • Strong web app, data structures, data science, and visualization skills • Enjoy complex integration and automation challenges • Love mentoring. Half-price rate ($60/hr) for all genuine students
Ariadni-Karolina Alexiou, SVG engineer and developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Python expert for Data Applications & Web Dev

I'm a Python and Java/Scala developer, with main focus on Big Data solutions and some full stack web dev experience. I will happily look at your code or system and point out bugs or suggest a better way to do something. Have experience with most popular Python libraries including pandas, matplotlib and numpy. If you want a great code review/refactoring of your Python code, from which you are going to learn and improve as a developer, I am the person to go to. If you have a data transformation that is taking ages, ask me for my help. I have been able to achieve speedups of up to 500x for people here, by using libraries such as pandas in an optimized way and being aware of memory usage patterns. I also am particularly well versed in geospatial data management and the open source proje...
Michael Dougherty, SVG freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Vancouver, United States

Experienced full-stack engineer, functional programming aficionado, musician, & meditator

When I was 13 I brought a "Learn C++ in 21 days" book with me on a family vacation, and I've been writing code ever since. I've been pro for 8 years and have worked on a wide variety of projects, both as a freelancer and as an employee. I spent several years as an avid hobbyist game developer, and I always have at least one side project going on. I love learning new skills and finding the best way to do things, so I am constantly learning new languages, frameworks, and best practices that I hope to share with you. I also love to teach!
Andrej Gajdos, top SVG developerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Prague, Czechia

Full-stack software engineer ● Consultant

I'm a freelance software engineer, consultant, and occasional tech blogger with over six years of experience delivering software. I make complex problems simple with fast, clean, and maintainable code. I have worked with an array of different technologies and am currently focusing on full-stack web development.
Tim Mannino, SVG freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance SVG developer in Baile Atha Luain, Ireland

Designer/developer with a penchant for beautiful code and great food - in that order 💯

Designer/front-end developer dabbling in CSS3/HTML5, jQuery/JS, Ruby, PHP, and whatever else I can wrap my head around this week. Big fan of well-structured code (ffs indent!!), crazy good startup concepts, brilliant design & nice people. I love solving problems and helping people so feel free to ping me and let's get the ball rolling.

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