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Sandy Vanderbleek

Sandy Vanderbleek

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I have several years of professional programming experience in a variety of modern languages. My teaching efforts are currently focused on Haskell and typed functional programming. I teach a weekly course in New York City using Haskell Programming From First Principles. Feel free to ask me for any advice, I have limited teaching availability now but expect to be able to do more in the future.
Haskell expert help Haskell - 2 years experience
I use Haskell regularly for open source projects and have in depth knowledge of typed functional programming.
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my blog
GCC Machine Description
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bounty challenge involving markdown
HTML Makefile JavaScript CoffeeScript
elm-bot 2   0
a lambdabot style bot for elm with slack support
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Haskell Image and Video Management Server
HTML Shell Haskell
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Combine audio and translation services for Thai words
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Sandy was very helpful in providing me direction and resources within functional programming in JS and Haskell. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, he is very knowledgable in explaining concepts and walking you through them in detail. So, come prepared with questions! :)
Sylvia Aug 21, 2016

Sandy was really helpful, helped me solve my issue and was extremely patient given my inexperience with Ruby. Cheers!
Dylan Feb 27, 2015

Quick and helpful! Perfect!
Didrik Birkemalm Feb 03, 2015

Sandy was as advertised, a great mentor and valuable resource.
iamalexcohen Jan 28, 2015

He is briialint !!
tomohiro Jan 28, 2015

Really had a great first experience with codementor and the mentor. He was very quick to listen first and understand the problem. He shared his thoughts and solutions in a understandable manner. I recommend Sandy for any front end issues anyone is working through.
Richard Dilig Jan 24, 2015

Really helpful and quick with his advice after he understood what the issue was
Ron Jan 23, 2015

Very helpful. Posted some code that I could use to learn from and solve my issue at the same time
James Jan 17, 2015

Really efficient and quick to find a solution. highly recommend - nice guy to work with.
Edward Jan 14, 2015

Very knowledgeable and friendly guy, thanks for your help!
Ben Jan 06, 2015

Great session. Learned a lot about javascript in my rails project.
Aaron McIntyre Dec 09, 2014

Great insight into how I can make my app awesome!
Kari Dec 06, 2014

Helped me talk out an issue that I was having regarding application design.
Tony Ramirez Nov 20, 2014