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Web&Java developer and loves to fix bugs. I believe in Karma and I believe in the below quote. REAL PROGRAMMER'S EYE IS A DEBUGGER. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **If I can't fix your issue, you'll get a refund. I do not start timer until you explain your issue (Or) if I am not sure about the issue** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ note:ping me for more details

I would like to share my 6 years of experience in Java coding and want to share my knowledge with fellow and fresh young talent in order to make them a bit more optimized and enterprise level coders. I'll come up with few examples where we write regular code and then I'll let/show them that how actually it should be and how that piece of code do GOOD or BAD. And I'll ask to write a piece of code and then we discuss about the optimization steps about it.

Installing Java on your machine.

Installing Java on your machine.

$10 - Delivery in 1 Day

I'd love to provide successful installation of Java on your machine at very low cost and will support your any further Java issues.

I'd love to provide you a google chrome extension and push it to google web store where users can download it.

Developed multiple extension for browsers. So I think I can help you. Obviously one wants their extension will be cross browser, I can do that too.

I'd love to provide you my services from building to publishing a Apache solr instance for your database. You'll get all the basic core configuration and will do some relational mapping in search results and I am also able to enable full text search on your database. Thanks.

52 JavaScript
28 jQuery
22 Java
14 Html
10 CSS
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
Worked in many web application where JavaScript as fronted.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
Involved in all projects while developing the fronted and have complete knowledge that how UI works.
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
Worked in many web application where Java as backend
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Worked in many web application where JavaScript/Jquery as fronted.
Git expert help Git - 1 year experience
All of my personal projects located here
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
Working on Angular from couple of years in my projects.
No icon Html - 6 years experience
Involved in all projects while developing the fronted and have complete knowledge that how UI works.
No icon CSS - 5 years experience
Involved in all projects while developing the fronted and have complete knowledge that how UI and CSS works.
No icon XML - 5 years experience
Dealt with XML data many times. Parsing, validating, data alignment etc are my areas to work with.
No icon Json - 5 years experience
My favourite data type so far. Easy to use.
No icon Database - 5 years experience
Since I work on web applications, every web application holds a database and I write queries, analyse and do normalization regularly.
No icon Eclipse - 5 years experience
All my projects been developed using Eclipse.
No icon Hibernate - 3 years experience
Worked in many web application where HIbernate as ORM.
No icon Jsp - 4 years experience
Worked in many web application where JavaScript as views .
No icon Debugging - 5 years experience
Most the time I spent with debugging cause I dedicated to solve the bugs.
No icon Svn - 5 years experience
All of my projects mostly repositeriesed on SVN and have good experience with it along with eclipse.
No icon Tomcat - 2 years experience
Used to deploy my web apps here.
No icon Servlets - 5 years experience
Worked in many web application where Servlets as controllers
No icon Gwt - 5 years experience
Worked in many web application where GWT as fronted.
No icon Testing - 5 years experience
Every functionality developed and implemented by me will undergo thorough testing.
No icon Junit - 4 years experience
All my java gone through testing phase and I wrote the test cases
No icon Core java - 6 years experience
My main stream is Java and I'm up to date with the almost all Java tech.
No icon Javaee - 5 years experience
Woking in this area from last 5 years and very comfort with that.
No icon Programming - 6 years experience
I have been programming since 6 years and continuing the same ..
No icon Addons - 2 years experience
I can develop cross browser extensions. Developed few already.
No icon Chrome extension - 1 year experience
Worked on few extensions and I developed many extensions for my daily routing in browser.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
Got trained in React and my current project getting build on react.
No icon Javascript jquery - 5 years experience
Few of my projects using this Js framework to reduce the codes. Done lot of code in this.
No icon Software architecture - 4 years experience
Every programming must have a design even it is 5 lines of code. I have been reading the design paradigms since the day I am started coding and still doing it.
No icon Apache solr - 1 year experience
Working on Apache solr for past few months.
No icon Rest webservices - 3 years experience
Coded for so many projects and exposed several API's.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Always helpful!
Mike Wiesenhart Jan 19, 2017

Suresh is going to help you get your work done, whatever it takes. He's super hard working, so kind, and dedicated. Thanks, Suresh!
Yuri Jan 19, 2017

Taryn Novak Jan 18, 2017

Excellent. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. Very patient with me and worked out the problem logically and systematically.
Paul Brittain Jan 17, 2017

Very good Mentor!
Francesco Ambrosiano Jan 04, 2017

Super fast. Picked up the issue and resolved quickly.
Tiffany Sumuel Jan 02, 2017

Very good first session with codementor, fixed part of my issue and pointed me towards next steps.
Michael King Dec 31, 2016

Helped me with react-router by reviewing my code and reassuring me that I was on the correct path. Great mentor!
David Gonen Dec 31, 2016

Suresh is the best. Won't use anybody but him!
Mike Wiesenhart Dec 30, 2016

Very insightful and does not over complicate things.
Tiffany Sumuel Dec 29, 2016

Awesome as always. Helped with Javascript issue quickly. You will learn some cool things.
Tiffany Sumuel Dec 27, 2016

Suresh helped with some Javascript and CSS issues that I had.
Henrik Nordstrom Dec 19, 2016

Super helpful and quite available. Javascript genius!
Tiffany Sumuel Dec 17, 2016

Suresh did a great job pointing out where my issue was and giving me tips on debugging!
Paula Payne Dec 15, 2016

He was quick to resolve the issue, thanks again.
Sophek Dec 15, 2016

Super nice, very chill and helpful. Thank you!
Khoon Dec 14, 2016

Suresh is a rockstar! Second time that I get help from him. Quickly resolved the issues that I had and explained in detail what was going on and how to resolve the bugs.
Henrik Nordstrom Dec 12, 2016

He was very descriptive and explained everything thoroughly!
Rebecca Fox Dec 12, 2016

really helpful
amnah Dec 10, 2016

Help me when I was completely stuck! Was a great help.
Trevor Stanson Dec 10, 2016

There has never been a better coding mentor than Suresh. I requested for a project to be completed and it was returned as needed in such a short amount of time. Anyone needing assistance with JavaScript or other coding languages need to come to him! Thanks again!
Joseph Lee Dec 08, 2016

Helped me create a very nice page with jQuery! Extremely helpful and patient, highly recommend to anyone with problems in Scripting.
Aaron Adams Dec 07, 2016

I'm a student and find Suresh a super helpful tutor, much better than tracking down someone in person. Instant help when you need it.
Jonathan C Dec 07, 2016

I really enjoyed my first opportunity to work with Suresh and look forward to working with him on our future projects. He helped me solve two javascript problems with my web site, and the solutions we ended up with are perfect for our application.
James LaVeck Dec 04, 2016

He helped me on two separate occasions with html and css and it was excellent! Very helpful and good communication!
Kaylie Bergkamp Dec 03, 2016

Great programmer! Suresh provided quick and precise solutions to my requests. Anyone needing help with Java should definitely use him as a mentor!
Joseph Lee Dec 02, 2016

Suresh quickly helped me with some AJAX issues that I had. While fixing the issues he explained in detail what he did. Not only was the issue resolved but I learned several new things as well. AWESOME!
Henrik Nordstrom Nov 30, 2016

Suresh is extremely helpful and gives great advise for DataBase design
Kane Nov 30, 2016

Got my assignment I have been stressing over for 2 weeks done in twenty minutes and it only took that long because he actually took the extra to explain to me everything he was doing. 5 stars well earned
Sedric Louissaint Nov 30, 2016

Great and fast help.
Oliver Nov 29, 2016

Great and fast help.
Oliver Nov 29, 2016

Awesome mentor
Snowbella Nov 28, 2016

He is very nice and helped me solve the problem.
Samer El-Achkar Nov 26, 2016

Super awesome code mentor. You wont regret it. Very patient, very helpful, Very smart too
Snowbella Nov 22, 2016

Great eye for identifying javascript and html issues.
thao Nov 22, 2016

I am happy with working with Suresh he's very knowledgeable in Javascript, JSON & HTML. Suresh guided me through my project and anytime we ran into problems he was able to help me debug and understand the problem. I am very pleased with Suresh.
Joe Nov 19, 2016

My second session with Suresh...he's great!
Rebecca Mills Nov 17, 2016

Excellent mentor. Very helpful and very understanding. Fully recommended to anyone. TOP SKILLS
Snowbella Nov 16, 2016

Was able to debug and find my javascript issue very fast!
slavik Nov 16, 2016

Professional, patient, and effective in troubleshooting and explaining concepts.
thao Nov 14, 2016

Suresh was very helpful. He not only knew what he was doing, but knew how to explain it which in my opinion makes a great dev!
Mike Wiesenhart Nov 13, 2016

Very smart coder...knows Javascript and HTML
Snowbella Nov 12, 2016

Super awesome mentor
Snowbella Nov 12, 2016

As Usual Awesome Mentor.He is so friendly.Patient.Thank you suresh for solving all my problem every time.Best Coder
shruti s kittur Nov 11, 2016

As Usual Awesome Mentor.He is so friendly,Patient.Thank you suresh for solving all my problem every time,i come back to you.Best Coder
shruti s kittur Nov 10, 2016

We discussed about the project & gave me an understanding of what I need to do to work or complete the project.
Joe Nov 10, 2016

I had an excellent experience working with Suresh. He solved my problem. He is knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to work with. I would definitely work with him again.
Anonymous Nov 10, 2016

We where able to complete this game together! I really appreciate all your help.
Tiffany Lo Nov 01, 2016

Friendly! And patient, we didn't start until he was sure he understood what I needed help with. We where able to tackle the first problem.
Tiffany Lo Oct 31, 2016

Did an fantastic job pointing out errors, offering solutions, and overall just helping me making my script work! I was also able to learn new methods for debugging
Nigel Anderson-Hurt Oct 30, 2016

Really good mentor solved my solution with limited resources
Sam Oct 28, 2016

I had a pretty simple jquery problem that was driving me crazy, and he was able to tell me what the problem was and how to fix it in just a few minutes!
Zoray Kraemer Oct 27, 2016

Great mentor! Very helpful and attentive.
Brian Brown Oct 25, 2016

Suresh is very friendly and an amazing programmer. I'll 100% recommend him!
Rose Oct 22, 2016

Exceptional once again. He was able to help me fast and explain the solution. Helped me solve a major work problem
Tiffany Oct 19, 2016

Exceptional and was very patient with me
Tiffany Oct 17, 2016

very helpful :)
amnah Oct 17, 2016

Good mentor. Very helpful and managed to fix the problem :) Pretty Happy
Jade Oct 17, 2016

Suresh worked with me until we were able to sort out the issue. His extra set of eyes helped me figure out some pretty strange behavior that I probably wouldn't have been able to pinpoint in a reasonable period of time. He is, as always, a pleasure to work with.
Jay Oct 17, 2016

He was willing to adjust his evening schedule in order to make sure that I had the help I needed.
Jay Oct 16, 2016

He did a good job. He was polite and helpful, and was able to get me through the issues that I had. There was a problem that we weren't able to solve together but, when we stopped making progress, he was willing to stop the clock and take a close look at it with me.
Jay Oct 13, 2016

I enjoyed helping out Suresh, he gave a clear description of the issue he was facing. Looking forward to helping him out in the future.
Frederik De Milde Oct 10, 2016

Knows his stuff. Highly recommend!
Amandeep Dindral Oct 08, 2016

Peter Nguyen Oct 06, 2016

Very Helpful. He was able to walk me through the problem and find a solution. Recommended!
Yenier Oct 05, 2016

It's great that Suresh explains the 'why' of each issue/bug I create!
Ali Oct 05, 2016

Great support! I really appreciated that Suresh helped me refactor for efficiency, explaining "why" throughout and showed me how to better use the developer tools + debugging.
Ali Oct 04, 2016

Suresh helped me with my JS code and did an amazing job guiding me through it. He was patient and insightful in the way he broke down the code to understand the best course of action. Great teacher!
joel Sep 30, 2016

Suresh was very helpful in helping me work through my errors and identifying the issues that were standing in my way. I had to cut my session short unfortunately, but I look forward to working with Suresh again in the near future. Highly recommend him.
Thomas Callahan Sep 29, 2016

Suresh is great, he is patient and makes sure you understand.
Peter Sep 29, 2016

Friendly and nice guy!
Eirik Sep 28, 2016

Very helpful and always easy to work with and understands problems quickly!
Jaime Sep 27, 2016

Really helpful and professional and added some extra features for free!
Steve Tyler Sep 26, 2016

Always a pleasure to work with
nick Sep 26, 2016

Extremely helpful and explains everything thoroughly
nick Sep 24, 2016

Very patience and persistent Great person and good to have on your team
vassili Sep 21, 2016

Thoroughly walked through the solution with me and taught me how do implement it further! Recommend this developer! He knows what he is talking about.
Shayan Samani Sep 20, 2016

It's a pleasure working with Suresh. He is very experienced and professional. Suresh is an expert at writing complex SQL queries. He is also very good at teaching and explaining how to do things in the best way possible. I will be working with him in the future for all my database needs.
Ahmed Sep 19, 2016

Great help thanks!
Shon Davis Sep 17, 2016

i asked for offline help and he helped me, and explained me every line of code. Like how he got it and what it did.
binup Sep 11, 2016

He was very helpful in explaining all the steps to get started on my crucial next step in programming education. Very knowledgeable and willing to recommend a learning path for me to take to really get good at what I am setting to do.
Matthew Slomski Aug 31, 2016

Suresh Atta resolved my project + one bug very quickly, thanks.
Vladimir Aug 29, 2016

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Mads Søgstad Aug 25, 2016

Suresh is knowledgeable in java and very helpful.
Ana S Aug 24, 2016

Write a public review for this mentor
Mads Søgstad Aug 24, 2016

If you can't find an answer on stackoverflow within an hour, it's best to come to code mentor and find someone like Suresh. He jumped right in and helped me solve my issue in minutes. I highly recommend him!
John Dinker Aug 16, 2016

Great Mentor. Spotted and fixed my problem very quickly. Would highly recommend for help with programming.
Zoe Shaw Aug 11, 2016

Really helpful with front end!
BachOfCadence Aug 10, 2016

Has been very help. Been patient with me and helped me understand my code.
Aditya Seshan Aug 02, 2016

Very quick and helpful.
Diedrie Redley Jul 30, 2016

Suresh was AMAZING. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, and he explained everything perfectly. Very recommended if you run into JavaScript or jQuery problems!
Laurie Malau Jul 30, 2016

Great help again, thanks man!
Quintin Henry Jul 28, 2016

Simply great!
BachOfCadence Jul 28, 2016

Many thanks !!! I will come back for sure
Shahaleel Jul 25, 2016

Thanks for hanging in there with me :)
Quintin Henry Jul 21, 2016

7 minutes to solve a problem I'd been working on for 4 hours? What else could I say, great mentor! Thank you Suresh!
Quintin Henry Jul 19, 2016

Very comfortable to work with.
Mahendra R Jul 15, 2016

Awesome Java Guru... very patient and helped me with a challenging Windows Handling situation for my project. I will definitely keep him in mind next time I have a challenging problem.
Anwar Chowdhury Jun 22, 2016

Suresh made sure everything was working perfectly, was quick and efficient in sorting out the problem and fixing it.
libby blainey Jun 21, 2016

Sureshatta took care of business by having an open mind, quickly debugging and making a nice javascript function that solved my UI issue. Way to go man. thank you
kahlil calavas Jun 20, 2016

Suresh is a wonderfully competent programmer who helped me resolve the issue that I had by working diligently. I would gladly work with Suresh again.
Aham Brahmasmi Jun 20, 2016

Java on point, very quick, and very precise.
Arjun Jun 08, 2016

Very helpful. Provided great advice and a fast solution.
Yenier Jun 08, 2016

very good
Jonathan Swire Jun 08, 2016

Suresh is the quickest guns in the west! Again, aced it. This dude knows his shiz.
Andy Abelow Jun 07, 2016

Sureshatta is an excellent developer. Very good attitude, and lightning fast working through the obstacles. He implemented my idea with ease. Highly recommended!
Andy Abelow Jun 07, 2016

Suresh has been a great help for a project i was working on under a time crunch. He is very knowledgable and explains the process of how he does his work. I would recommend him for any project.
Shyam Tailor Jun 02, 2016

Isaac May 30, 2016

Very skillful at debugging my code. Thank you so much for your help!
Atlante Avila May 28, 2016

Suresh was really helpfull and has excelent communication skills. He helped me debug an extremely hard usecase, where i had to change code inside an external library. Would definitely recommend and work with him again,
André Alçada Padez May 27, 2016

Great mentor helped me out all day until the task was done!! Would recommend to anyone!
Yaseen Soge May 26, 2016

the best mentor i hava ever had!!!
ido Montia May 14, 2016

Hey was very helpfull and nice to talk too
Alex Kurtz May 07, 2016

very helpfull! I have little to no debugging skills so watching him at it was excellent!
Chris May 06, 2016

Mentor was great and seems to know what he is doing.
Kris Smith May 03, 2016

Suresh helped me realize I was going down a path with a Chrome Extension that would not have worked, and explained an alternative approach that will work to meet basically the same use case.
Mitch Downey Apr 27, 2016

Explain me very well and solves the issue, thanks !
Bouchibi Naguib Apr 20, 2016

Once again Suresh dives into the code and debugs to recommend the best code solutions and alternatives. His advice, feedback and mentorship is greatly appreciated. He is always available.
Alicia Apr 20, 2016

Suresh solved my issue. Very helpful. I'd work with him again.
Jay Apr 19, 2016

He fixed the problem with ease. And he didn't just stop at fixing the problem, he even came with good practices when I do wrong to improve my code in the future. He also explained why the issue happend and how to fix it, very talented mentor. Just remember to zoom in on your code so he doesn't have to read a font 9 ;) Only downside is his english can be a little hard to understand, as he has an accent, but it's not a dealbreaker at all, I would hire him again if I needed too.
Oliver Nybroe Apr 16, 2016

Fantastic communicator!
Alan Houser Apr 05, 2016

he is very helpful expert. and I will work with him again.
AA Apr 05, 2016

Suresh has deep knowledge of Java and web applications.
Alexander Kamarov Mar 29, 2016

Suresh is very Helpful and Efficient :-)
idntknw1 Mar 23, 2016

He is very nice and friendly and he tried to understand my query first before starting.
Roman Zünd Mar 19, 2016

Helpful and quick
Patrick Cauley Mar 19, 2016

This is the second time I have used Suresh. He knows his stuff! and make sure i understand it as well
luis Mar 18, 2016

Great mentor!! Suresh is Very helpful and identified the issue very quickly and suggested the best way to structure the code. Highly recommended! Thank you!
metalmonkey Mar 17, 2016

Above and beyond, hashed the URL (user friendly) and helped me define my views for an ajax JSON API requests. Thank you again!
Brett Senna Mar 17, 2016

Solved my issue of truncating JSON string and had some spare time to help me learn debugging techniques. Very thorough and helped me understand the code. Suresh also helped me tackle another smaller problem I was having and asked if there was anything else. Great job and happy coding!!
Brett Senna Mar 16, 2016

Super fast problem solver !
Alexander Hein Mar 16, 2016

Surresh always so thorough!
Claudia Mar 15, 2016

Came back to help me understand, what I didn't last time.
Jackie Mar 15, 2016

Suresh was a great help. I had 3 issues in 1. He solved the first 2 very quickly. Then we moved on to the 3rd more difficult one and he kept working at it until it was solved. He also did a great job of explaining his methodology so I could actually learn from what he was doing. If I ever have another JavaScript issue, I will go right to Suresh!
Alex Mar 13, 2016

An awesome guy who never gives up until the job gets done perfectly. Will surely hire him again.
Haider Ali Khan Mar 11, 2016

$('session').append('awesome'); // Good communication and easy to work with.
Daniel Mar 10, 2016

As always Surresh is quick to jump in and quickly resolve problems no matter how messy or complicated something may be.
Claudia Mar 09, 2016

Suresh has been a great help with resolving the coding issues I've been having!
Lance Plater Mar 09, 2016

Very helpful with sorting out issues and describing new programming methods!
Lance Plater Mar 08, 2016

Surresh is always very thorough and pays attention to all the details of code. He has no fear when it comes to having to deal with someone's spaghetti code even if it's hundreds of lines long. Without Surresh, I don't know how I could get through some of these projects! I highly recommend him as a mentor!
Claudia Mar 07, 2016

Very knowledgeable, helpful and patient person.
Tanoja Sunkam Mar 07, 2016

Helpful and patient person!
Tanoja Sunkam Mar 07, 2016

Excellent mentor. Fixed my form validation issue. Thanks for all your help!
metalmonkey Mar 07, 2016

Suresh Atta is a more than knowledgeable Java programmer, who has helped me not only to figure out what mistakes I have been making, but also applying real world scenarios for how I can improve my identity as a hopeful professional programmer. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Caedus Mar 05, 2016

Good working with, made sure i was following along and I understood everything as we went. will look for again
luis Mar 04, 2016

Suresh is knowledgeable and helpful — and honest! That part is important for me. A++ Mentor.
metalmonkey Mar 03, 2016

Lots of experience in GWT/Java/HTML/CSS and got my issue resolved quickly.
Ashwini Mar 01, 2016

Second time working with Suresh, and I am happy that he responded to my chat quickly. We worked on integrating a 3rd-party javascript widget and he showed me multiple techniques on debugging my codebase. A++
Paolo Liwanag Feb 24, 2016

very friendly and was able to help me with my confusions
elschan Feb 23, 2016

As always, suresh was great
Shazam Feb 19, 2016

Suresh helped me debug a project (on a VERY tight timeline) that I had been working on. He was helpful, friendly and competent in solving the problems I needed help with. Would hire again!
Nate Martin Feb 18, 2016

Suresh Atta was fabulous. Hire him with confidence!
Shazam Feb 18, 2016

He was very patient and solved through the challenges of the project.
Andrew kennedy Feb 17, 2016

Incredibly helpful and patient!! Use him!
Chris Bradshaw Feb 16, 2016

Suresh did a great job helping me to understand how to structure my javascript files and solved my problem A+ rating.
brett Feb 15, 2016

Hit a wall while debugging, glad I reached out to you. Save hours of back and forth.. Suresh got it done quickly and took the time to explain what was happening. thanks!
Robert Feb 15, 2016

Suresh is my personal code hero. He helped me debug my Javascript and explained each detail thoroughly. He was able to read my code and understand what I was trying to do in minutes. I would recommend him not only for his technical expertise but also for his great attitude and personality. A++
Paolo Liwanag Feb 12, 2016

Suresh knew all the nuances of bootstrap and javascript to help me resolve a nagging problem very quickly. I will be calling on his help again this week. Great coder.
Jim Walker Feb 06, 2016

Suresh was really helpful and friendly, fixed my code and taught me why it wasn't working in the first place! Great guy, recommend!
Flavio Carvalho Feb 05, 2016

Very knowledgeable with JS, we made a collapseable div in bootstrap
Tyler Feb 05, 2016

Very helpful, really knew his stuff and added some cool effects. Thanks!
Bryan Castanos Feb 03, 2016

Excellent job. He solved my issue.
Marion Wood Feb 01, 2016

He's a great programmer and I will work with him again !!
abdul Jan 30, 2016

He walked me through several different areas where we could troubleshoot the issues I was having on my site and we were able to identify the issue and resolve it! He also had very good suggestions about performing site performance. Recommended!
Ben Thole Jan 29, 2016

Very knowledgeable, dedicated and reliable. Definitely will use again.
Robert Jan 29, 2016

great help fixed all my problems
David Vais Jan 28, 2016

Suresh, you rock! Thanks for saving the day.
metalmonkey Jan 27, 2016

Suresh was very helpful and showed me exactly how to address my issue step by step. Highly recommended!
Jerryking Jan 27, 2016

Very thorough!
Jonathan Rubinstien Jan 22, 2016

Very knowledgeable and thorough. Excellent Javascript troubleshooting.
Jonathan Rubinstien Jan 22, 2016

Super professional mentor. He helped me fix my issue and explained everything really well! Will definitely use again!! Excellent!
Tommaso Piccarreda Jan 20, 2016

Great help. Pleasent as always!
Tommaso Piccarreda Jan 20, 2016

A very talented and skilled guy! 5 stars!
Tommaso Piccarreda Jan 20, 2016

he is a javascript expert!
Jacques Fu Jan 20, 2016

Very happy customer. Suresh stayed up late to get the job done.
Andrea Stone Jan 19, 2016

I cannot say how appreciative I am to Suresh. I am just floored at his talent and abilities to troubleshoot.
Julia Jan 18, 2016

idntknw1 Jan 18, 2016

idntknw1 Jan 14, 2016

Great Help!
jeelnaic Jan 13, 2016

Suresh did a fantastic job stepping through the few problems I was having. He has great drive and has done very well in making things happen. He is transparent, knowledgeable and very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone looking for short or long term help and guidance.
metalmonkey Jan 11, 2016

Suresh was very awesome. Guided me through steps to fix issues. Definitely ask for his help again. Highly recommended!
Anh Nguyen Jan 10, 2016

great work suresh! Great skills debugging the javascript code. 'till next time
Robert Jan 09, 2016

Great help, as usual :D helping to develop a new JS plugin in very short time a great professional
Nassif Jan 08, 2016

Extremely helpful and understanding. Great to work with!
Aarush Gupta Jan 06, 2016

Suresh is simple awesome...He is always ready to help with the code. Would like to work with him again. A++
metalmonkey Jan 06, 2016

Soresh is super friendly and very knowledgeable. He is great with debugging the code to find the issue then solving all issues. He is patient and is flexible with you on your budget and payments.
Alicia Jan 06, 2016

great guy, helps a lot with more than one issue very satisfied
Nassif Jan 05, 2016

resourceful. Thanks!
Robert Jan 05, 2016

Very helpful in understanding and providing solutions to issues
Hardik Sanghavi Dec 25, 2015

Amazing amazing mentor. Helped me so quickly with my java programs. And also very nice to talk to and does not worry about payments immediately
Rahul Dec 23, 2015

Great job of understanding what the problem was and how to fix it! Highly recommend!
Madeleine Dec 22, 2015

Excellent! This is my first time to take codementor's session. This is what exactly I wan to get! Thank yo so much! :-)
Kosuke Kondo Dec 19, 2015

Thank you for the great session! Suresh was helpful in explaining the scope and execution of my project in a clear and concise way.
James Vanié Dec 17, 2015

Suresh was very helpful and I will certainly be checking in with him again as I have questions regarding my project!
metalmonkey Dec 17, 2015

Helpful session. Problem was solved. Thank you.
Kim Sarabia Dec 16, 2015

I had some trouble explaining what I was wanting in the beginning, but he was able to help figure out what I wanted.
Christopher Kennedy Dec 13, 2015

Very helpful guy, Helped me with an assignment in a record time!
Hamza Dec 10, 2015

I've been programming for less than a year and when I needed help Suresh was quickly able to diagnose my Javascript and CSS issues and come up with solutions for each. Definitely recommended!
James Dec 10, 2015

Suresh was a great help, understood the project very well and then explained the flow and took time to help with the code as well. I will definitely be using him again
JJ Dec 10, 2015

Very helpful and quick
Tanoja Sunkam Dec 07, 2015

Suresh is just Awesome. He helped in fixing my code.He is a nice person too.I will recommend him. A++
metalmonkey Dec 07, 2015

Suresh was a great help. I asked for him to complete some unit tests offline and then he explained what he did with an free info session. Would use again. Many thanks.
David Ness Dec 06, 2015

Suresh and I decided that it would be best not to continue the session and instead I opted to ask Suresh to do the work offline.
David Ness Dec 05, 2015

Very helpful. I appreciate the added attention to solving the problem.
Joe Dec 05, 2015

He was great and helped me a lot. Will use him later.
thedeadinyou Dec 04, 2015

An excellent mentor, friendly, fast and always accessible. Totally recommended. Will work with him again.
Blanca Dec 03, 2015

suresh is incredibly knowledgeable and is knows his way around JSP very well. Highly recommended!
Dave Dec 03, 2015

Fantastic - Solved all my problems! :)
Tom Dec 02, 2015

Very helpful and useful chat. Would recommend to everyone! Great guy!
Tom Dec 02, 2015

As always, Suresh is thoroughly knowledgable and endlessly helpful. Sometimes during our sessions, Suresh will even research some ideas and then come back to me later to discuss them. I truly value that in a mentor. He's always making sure to find the right answer!
Claudia Dec 01, 2015

Suresh is incredibly knowledgable and patient. Our session was nearly 1.5hours! Throughout the session, he remained focused and kind. He was determined to get to the bottom of the issue and we did. You can't ask for a better mentor than Suresh!
Claudia Nov 30, 2015

Great discussion. Suresh helped me with my issue very quickly. He understood the problem right away and provided a solution. Strongly recommended!!!
Ajay Nov 30, 2015

Suresh is one sharp dude, excellent trouble-shooter and creative problem-solver.
Miriam Nov 28, 2015

As always, he's great.
Miriam Nov 27, 2015

Nice and patient, and most importantly direct with knowledge. His english was very good.
JC Nicolas Nov 27, 2015

great Service! thanks
idntknw1 Nov 26, 2015

Suresh writes code faster than I can think. 10/10 would recommend!
Blanca Nov 25, 2015

Suresh was able to pinpoint my issue and was able to offer a solution. I recommend Suresh for other coders
Matt Nov 24, 2015

Awesome, understanding, very helpful, very knowledgeable. A good tutor in helping you understand and explaining.
Dan Nov 23, 2015

Really helpful and knowledgeable! Highly recommended!
Jay Ng Nov 22, 2015

Suresh is very kind and very intelligent! He assists me with complex tasks and is quick to orient himself in my codebase. He is also very adept at sussing out the errors and may see many at just a glance. He is always willing to help and is a fantastic mentor. I highly recommend Suresh!
Claudia Nov 20, 2015

Great working with Suresh.
gladys maniago Nov 06, 2015

Quickly tracked an issue in AWS
Elran Nov 06, 2015

Suresh did it again. He was able to communicate how to look at the problem, understand it and solve it.
Miriam Nov 05, 2015

Honest and very quick. Suresh is an excellent mentor, he explained every single detail of my project and helped me learned while he was doing it, I totally recommend him.
Lucy Nov 04, 2015

Suresh is jovial, clever and good at communicating.
Miriam Nov 04, 2015

Suresh, he is incredible! He was able to situate himself in my messy, ugly code and figure it out. Not only that, but he is very helpful and lets you know if your variable naming convention needs some work. He also ensures that you are happy with his service and asks for verification that it is 1. what you wanted 2. working 3. that you understand it. I highly recommend Suresh!
Claudia Nov 03, 2015

Suresh is very kind and patient. He is quick to orient himself with your code, no matter how messy ;) He is also very encouraging and bright. I highly recommend working Suresh, you won't regret it!
Claudia Nov 03, 2015

great working with him.
gladys maniago Oct 30, 2015

Excellent and very quick in answering questions. Amazing teacher too.
Rahul Oct 26, 2015

knowledgeable and a nice guy too!
Elran Oct 26, 2015

Helped me debug an issue
Teenum Applegate Oct 21, 2015

He is very experience. As a beginner, I wrote code very messy, he test to find the problem very efficiently and give me many extra advices.
Kelvin Lin Oct 21, 2015

He helped me until my issue was resolved even if it took longer then expected.
Jose Sanchez Oct 18, 2015

Very quick to help, did amazing job. Kind and friendly as well.
Mo Oct 17, 2015

suresh was very good -- and understood my question quickly -- and gave great additional information to help me understand how java vs javac .. he also taught me about jar files, how to create and why they're useful.
Shuaib Ahmed Oct 17, 2015

Thanks for the help.
Pat Oct 14, 2015

Very fast help! Highly recommended!
Lourenço Oct 12, 2015

Clever, sympathetic, experienced mentor. Would highly recommend.
Can Yaver Oct 11, 2015