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Petur Subev

Petur Subev

Sofia (+02:00)
Bulgarian, English
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settings for linux
VimL Shell
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Sample projec that is tuned to used odata 4 and the Northwind database
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subev's blog
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Different samples on different languages
C JavaScript
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My front-end stuff
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Petur is going the extra mile to get things working, gets fast the understanding of new tasks.
Svein Brekke Oct 05, 2015

Petur is the best. Expert on Kendo UI.
Philip Rosen Sep 28, 2015

Petur was excellent. He understood exactly what the issue was and gave me very clear solutions. His English is also excellent. I would recommend him highly to anyone.
Philip Rosen Sep 27, 2015

Petur is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Chris Woods Aug 19, 2015

Petur was very clearly very knowledgeable and helpful. I have some work to do but have a better understanding of what that is now and will go back to Petur if I need further help. It was a pleasure too.
Chris Woods Aug 18, 2015

That was an excellent session! Petur understood the problem very quickly, and helped me learn how to fix it from a couple angles. Well worth it!
Wayne Jun 06, 2015

If you're looking for javascript, jQuery or Kendo UI help, or even deeper, Petur is an outstanding value, and a fun guy to talk to as well. It's the best feeling when one gets schooled by someone of this caliber, because that's how we learn - Very impressive!
Jeff Mutschler Apr 28, 2015

Real Kendo Developer
nithish Apr 15, 2015

This 30 minutes saved me hours. Thank you very much Petur!
Daniel Apr 12, 2015

good knowledge
nithish Apr 11, 2015

Petur's grasp of the material is exceptional. I've found my CodeMentor, through codeMentor, thank you Petur!!
Jason Probst Mar 11, 2015

Petur is an excellent resource; he helped troubleshoot and solve multiple issues with my Kendo Grid/DataSource implementation.
Terence Fernandes Feb 11, 2015

Peter was prompt, succinct and friendly!
Alan Dec 23, 2014