Ashish , Strongloop developer for hireHire Now
Ashish 4.9
Freelance Strongloop developer in Jaipur, India

Consultant | Technical Speaker | Startup Founder | Full Stack Developer | Chatbots | AI | Machine Learning | JavaScript | jQuery | NodeJS | AngularJS | MongoDB | MeteorJS | ElasticSearch | Firebase | Android | Ionic | Mocha | Digitalocean | MySQL

I have used strongloop APIs in many of my projects. Can help you resolve issues related to strongloop/ loopback.
Cjay Ndubisi, Strongloop freelance coderHire Now
Cjay Ndubisi5.0
Freelance Strongloop developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Get it done

Mobile developer, I love creating web and iOS apps. I'm here for you. Let's talk!
Terry Martin, Strongloop freelance coderHire Now
Terry Martin5.0
Freelance Strongloop developer in Fremont, United States
I'm a developer and UI/UX designer of mobile apps, specializing in rapid prototyping, app architecture and client-server engineering. I'm also a professional training partner with Google and Appcelerator. I co-authored the official qualification curriculum for Google Cloud and Appcelerator's certification program. I can help you ramp up quick.
Xin, senior Strongloop programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Strongloop developer in Baltimore, United States

API, Nodejs, Javascript, developer portal

I am a full stack software engineer, experienced in API design, architect. I served as the Architect for a startup incubated by 500 startups, built the company, team and MVP from scratch, and helped successfully raising 1M+ seed rounds within 1 year. I architected a RESTful API framework for an ecommerce platform, also developed the open API portal for 3rd party developers. The product is live now. I am familiar with all phases of software development, including requirement analysis, software design, backend/devops, software testing. I am a big fan of continuous integration, continuous deployment. I have several years' experience in API development, RESTful API design, Nodejs, Java, PHP, Python, ROR, strongloop, loopback API, OAuth2, open API platform.
Steve Purves, Strongloop freelance coderHire Now
Steve Purves5.0
Freelance Strongloop developer in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain

C++, Matlab, Javascript, number crunching, visualisation & scientific apps. 15+ yrs. TDD/BDD

Scientific software developer (image processing, data analysis, machine learning & visualisation) and computing using C++, matlab, javascript & web apps. I've been developing working professionally for over 15 years and have touched all sorts of technologies, APIs, Algorithms, build systems in that time 3D Visualisation, GPU/CUDA, Linux/Windows, boost, node.js, .... These days getting into js, node and web technologies. I practice BDD & TDD have led & worked on agile teams and regularly teach people over the internet.
João Justo, Strongloop freelance developerHire Now
João Justo5.0
Freelance Strongloop developer in Coimbra, Portugal

Full Stack Developer at Subvisual

I'm a developer at Subvisual ( where I'm used to either build web and mobile applications from the ground up or to jump in an already ongoing project and add new features or correct existing bugs. I'm one of the organizers of RubyConf Portugal ( and of the Braga.JS (, our local meetup. I work most with JavaScript, both backend and frontend, Ruby and Git.
Nick Qi, Strongloop developer for hireHire Now
Nick Qi4.0
Freelance Strongloop developer in Tokyo, Japan

Freelance Developer

Thank you for visiting my profile, I am Nick Qi, a freelance developer focusing on Android framework and application development. I've been working for clients from various countries in different projects. And in recent years I've added Rails and Javascript into my skill portfolio. Now I am trying to make new friends from the world by offering my proficiency, please reach me if you need help in Android, javascript or Rails development.
Akshay Kr Singh, Strongloop software engineerHire Now
Akshay Kr Singh
Freelance Strongloop developer in Bengaluru, India

Test-Driven, UX-Focused Software Developer who loves to help others build their ideas into products.

I spend my time working with on technologies and product designs that are the building blocks of every successful product in today's world. I help distill a vision, wrap it in an amazing user experience, get it to market, and learn from it. I am a big fan of rapid iteration and hypothesis testing, and bring an intense desire for lovable interactions and a laser-sharp focus on measurement to every project. I believe creating a great product means understanding every aspect of your idea. If one cannot imagine the vision of an idea then the intent of building an amazing product is lost.
Peter Chung, Strongloop freelance programmerHire Now
Peter Chung
Freelance Strongloop developer in Taipei, Taiwan

Software Engineer

Brian Johnson, top Strongloop developerHire Now
Brian Johnson
Freelance Strongloop developer in Puyallup, United States

Architectural Guidance, Coaching, and a Second Set of eyes to help you solve your technology challenges

I'm passionate about solving problems with cutting edge technologies and empowering others to do the same - my recent focus has been on Ember.js and Node.js although Symfony2 and jQuery are old friends. Discovering new ways to solve old problems makes me smile - especially when you can lead others along the way into better workflows and habits.
Kazuyuki Suzuki, Strongloop software engineerHire Now
Kazuyuki Suzuki
Freelance Strongloop developer in Tokyo, Japan
I'm Yuki from Japan. I'm working in a start-up company as a front-end engineer. I have three years experience of JavaScript and HTML/CSS. I'm Japanese and actually I'm not good at English. So I'll help you for free as a engineer and I wanna improve my English via conversation with you :)

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