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Oscar Flores Presidente

Oscar Flores Presidente

Central America (-06:00)
Spanish, English
I'm a computer engineer who likes to make games and mobile apps.

I will provide a template that you can use to kickstart your Facebook powered Android App, basic features include login flow and transition to a new Screen

Android Chat App Template using XMPP

Android Chat App Template using XMPP

$350 - Delivery in 2 Days

I will provide you with a Android Chat App Template with basic messaging and presence detection features.

8 Java
8 Android
Android expert help Android - 3 years experience
I have been making apps and games, for fun and professionally for about 3 years and counting.
Java expert help Java - 4 years experience
I have been making apps in Android for several years, so I have adopted Java as my main programming language.
No icon Unity3d - 2 years experience
I have made a couple of games using this wonderful engine.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Very helpful as always, Great mentor
Patricio Gonzalez Nov 23, 2016

Great, as always
Patricio Gonzalez Oct 11, 2016

He was very helpful and patient to teach
Patricio Gonzalez Sep 30, 2016

Oscar is a great mentor
Alexander Kamarov Sep 29, 2016

He is great helping, patient and fast to understand, he know a lot of Android and he solve my problem very fast, definitely i will recommend him
Patricio Gonzalez Sep 21, 2016

Oscar was extremely professional, polite, easy to speak with, and quickly found a solution as to why I was seeing an exception with my application. Highly recommend him!
Ana S Aug 23, 2016

This guy is really smart, really professional. It is an honor to work with you Oscar. We'll be in touch. BEST Android developer I have worked with so far, on Code Mentor! :-)
Enzou Aug 09, 2016

The Bestest out there!!!
Enzou Aug 08, 2016

He is really great, the first time he helped me he showed me what i was doing wrong and i understood.
Niyimah Tinsley Jul 26, 2016

Oscar was incredibly friendly, helpful, and has helped to solve my issue.
Grace D Jul 09, 2016

My session with Oscar went extremely well! Oscar has profound understanding and knowledge in the world of Java and Android. Very pleasant to work with and eager to help, he makes sure that you understand the concepts with utmost clarity. Will work with him again.
Furqan Jun 23, 2016

Very good mentor, understood everything that was asked.
Andrew Duncan Apr 23, 2016

Oscar has a deep knowledge of Android development, and is willing to dig into the details to find the main problem.
Noah A Apr 22, 2016

Extremely helpful with my Android app!!! Highly recommended
David Buccieri Apr 20, 2016

An android guru!
Osai Idahor Apr 15, 2016

Oscar has been very helpful, he has a deep knowledge of Android development.
Noah A Apr 06, 2016

Extremely helpful and patient. I will be using Oscar again!
Andrew Sauer Apr 02, 2016

5 stars
G romero Mar 30, 2016

Very quickly solved my problem that I was looking for, and answered any questions I had on the fly as well.
Charles David McQuitty Mar 18, 2016

Hey is very patient and takes his time to explain what ever he is doing. He is very knowledgeable in Java and I strongly recommend him.
Lawrence Attoh Mar 14, 2016

Oscar is my go-to guy for all of my Android Development questions. He takes time to answer my questions as he shows me what to do.
Darrin Jones Mar 11, 2016

He is the best mentor and I strongly recommend him
Lawrence Attoh Mar 09, 2016

I'm a developer in a few languages with about 15 years experience, but not particularly strong in Java. Needed some help and Oscar was my mentor. Without a doubt the best one I've had yet here on CodeMentor. Extremely knowledgeable and fast. Very good at explaining things. Strong English. Worked through my problem with me in no time. Obviously talented. Highly recommended.
Jesse Richard Mar 08, 2016

He is very Knowledgeable in android and he helped me solve the problems i was having with my code in no time
Lawrence Attoh Mar 08, 2016

The tutor knew java very well! Helped me with a new subject with a great attitude!
Robert Feb 28, 2016

Second session with Oscar, again was very helpful and informative and explained everything clearly!
Nathan Leadbitter Feb 28, 2016

Oscar is very persistent in the face of a bug.
Saul Iversen Feb 27, 2016

Gets to the point and Explains it good for me!
Robert Feb 26, 2016

Moved at a good pace, was very informative and was open to questions. Would recommend!
Nathan Leadbitter Feb 24, 2016

Oscar was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will be seeking his assistance in the future.
Saul Iversen Feb 21, 2016

Oscar was superb. Quick turnaround, super helpful, knows his stuff. Extremely dedicated to a successful project. Found my new go to guy.
Jay Jan 10, 2016

Very helpful and skilled!
jonas ekström Dec 23, 2015

Fantastic as always! Very prepared and ready to help.
Patrick Cary Dec 05, 2015

Great as always! Highly recommend him.
Patrick Cary Dec 04, 2015

He's reliable, knowledgeable, and patient.
Patrick Cary Dec 02, 2015

Oscar knew what i wanted and was able to deliver it, but also explain how i could achieve it again in the future. Great!
blurst Nov 26, 2015

Oscar quickly helped me solve my problem! It was a pleasure working with him.
dhjenkin Nov 16, 2015

Almost every codementor I've had is a 5. Oscar is a 50.
Miriam Nov 11, 2015

Oscar has done an excellent job working with me. He took time to walk through code with me and explain how things work. I would recommend him to anyone needing help with Android. He knows his stuff.
Darrin Jones Nov 06, 2015

Oscar explains concepts clearly and is willing to explain them again if you don't understand it initially. There was one instance where he wasn't able to solve a problem that I had right away, so he made sure to come back with a solution during my next meeting with him.
Jillian Forde Nov 02, 2015

He give me the correct guide to solve my issue. 100% reliable
Gabriel Oct 20, 2015

Oscar is the best guy for Android!! Looking forward to work with him in future :)
G1 Oct 18, 2015

He is the best
arsalan Oct 17, 2015

He does a great effort to finish everything on time
arsalan Oct 15, 2015

As always he is the best person for solving android and java issues :) Thank you Oscar :)
G1 Oct 12, 2015

He is the best he was able to solve my problems in a short amount of time
arsalan Oct 04, 2015

Great guy. Very knowledgeable. Great explanations and communication skills.
Miriam Sep 25, 2015

Oscar was really helpful and patient. He is really fast in understanding and solving the issues. Would definitely ask for his services again.
G1 Sep 24, 2015

Very quick to understand my problem. Was happy to offer a solution. Patient with my code which was a mess :)
blurst Sep 23, 2015

Oscar knows his stuff, is an excellent communicator in English, is very sensitive to his client's time, i.e., he works fast. I will be using him again.
Miriam Sep 15, 2015

Oscar is a wonderful mentor. He is available quickly on notice and ready to help in any way he can. Just had an amazing session with him. Would highly recommend Oscar for everyone. Will be using his services again :) Thanks Oscar :)
G1 Sep 14, 2015

Oscar was a friendly person and shared similar project implementations to help my project, will be contacting again.
Lakshitha Sep 08, 2015

Oscar is great in finding alternative solutions to many problems, and can execute them flawlessly!
Mike Sep 03, 2015

Oscar is a Unity / C# Rockstar!!!!!! Love his guidance and assistance, extremely helpful!!! He gets exactly what it is you're attempting to do, and can adapt his knowledge to help you get to your solution quickly and efficiently. Great experience overall!
Mike Aug 31, 2015

Deep understanding of programming formulas by breaking down items into functional objects. Also, Oscar does not hesitate to study for more details to make sure Java programs function optimally. If Java has the capacity, Oscar has the capability to bring into reality.
Michael Cassetta Aug 30, 2015

Oscar is an excellent mentor. Very knowledgeable and patient. Will definitely be calling on a regular for all Android issues!
Lakeitha Aug 29, 2015

Oscar is amazing, he understood quickly what I was going through, and was able to pinpoint a solution within minutes!!! Great mentor, and will be contacting him much more in the future as technical issues arise.
Mike Aug 23, 2015

Although the project I am working on with Oscar has, by its nature, gotten more complicated, he has maintained the patient and explanatory process that he always possessed. Simply excellent mentor.
Michael Cassetta Aug 09, 2015

As always very helpful.
Thomas Aug 03, 2015

Oscar solves the issue with exceptional logic and precision; and explains the solution in the same manner.
Michael Cassetta Aug 02, 2015

He helped with the main issue and then helped to work through another part of the code that could have used some optimization.
Thomas Aug 01, 2015

Oscar is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and informative. He teaches while doing; a rare gift. This is why I seek his help in Java first.
Michael Cassetta Jul 28, 2015

Helped quickly, knew what to do, paused the session when he had to check source material. Fair, helpful, great.
Michael Schmitz Jul 27, 2015

Implemented two features quickly, knew Regex really well, excellent value for money. Will work long term with him.
Michael Schmitz Jul 26, 2015

Great mentor, super friendly and explained everything with ease.
Jesse Jul 25, 2015

Excellent focus over long period of time, could solve all technical issues, I am very satisfied.
Michael Schmitz Jul 19, 2015

Knowledgeable, friendly, patient - will work with Oscar again.
Michael Schmitz Jul 18, 2015

As always, Oscar was a pleasure to work with.
Anil Jul 13, 2015

Oscar is very intelligent, patient, and helpful. Recommended.
Liesel Hess Jul 07, 2015

Oscar pinged me as soon as I put up my problem and helped me solve it within 25 minutes.
Anil Jul 02, 2015

Great Mentor
Nick Roskam Jun 25, 2015

great job and will recommend him to all people that I know
rasheed Jun 21, 2015

Oscar is great! Hire him!
Bill DeSmet Jun 19, 2015

The best.
Michael Cassetta Jun 16, 2015

I'm a total newbie to the Android world and Oscar has helped me understand the nuances of the Android environment. Oscar is great!
Bill DeSmet Jun 07, 2015

Very knowledgeable.
Brian Wilkinson Jun 03, 2015

Amazingly helpful; clear in explanation; & very patient. Definitely will seek out for help again.
Michael Cassetta May 31, 2015

Awesome Mentor! Very helpful and very informative. He certainly knows Android programming like the back of his hand.
Johnathon Starge May 20, 2015

Oscar is Steller! He knows android and android studio like the back of his hand! Highly recommend Oscar!
Bill DeSmet May 15, 2015

Oscar is truly a great mentor. He has been working very patiently with me for the past few days and solved my problems with the android application. Thanks again Oscar!
Allen Zhang May 09, 2015

Oscar is very friendly and had a great help on my project!
Allen Zhang May 04, 2015

Oscar was very knowledgable in assisting me with my project. He knows his stuff!
Bill DeSmet May 03, 2015

Another great session!
Faiz May 03, 2015

This mentor helped me sort out several issues within my code and helped me understand and justify the code that was in front of me. Highly recommend him to anyone needing help :)
Emma Apr 30, 2015

Great session! Thank you Oscar!
Faiz Apr 29, 2015

Second session, went perfectly!
John DiPIlla Apr 27, 2015

probably fine, I dunno, the internet connection problem for screen sharing is an issue....probably wont screen share anymore :/
John DiPIlla Apr 26, 2015

He is really helpful. He also helped me with issues with my android project.
dhruvin Apr 16, 2015

He is very helpful. I would recommend him for future.
dhruvin Apr 15, 2015

He was nice but his english wasn't the best. Looking for real wizards that can really help understand
Alex McGo Mar 25, 2015

Simply amazing!
DJ Mar 19, 2015

Amazing mentor. Friendly, helpful and very quick at solving problems!
David Mar 09, 2015

Got some good advice, happy with the mentorship.
Marcin Wiatr Jan 15, 2015