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Stepan Suvorov

Stepan Suvorov

AngularJS developer with 20+ apps

Amsterdam (+01:00)
Russian, Ukrainian, English
I'm just angular.ninja, JavaScript Evangelist, mentor of Angular courses on javascript.ru educational portal and Lead of Front-end team.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
Currently using it everywhere: client web-apps, server API and sockets, mobile handsets, browser add-ons, desktop widgets.. More than 5 years of building complex UI with JavaScript. I've used different libraries and frameworks (such as Backbone, AngularJS, CanJs, EmberJs) level 5 by this - http://stepansuvorov.com/blog/2013/12/your-javascript-level/
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 4 years experience
Spent quite a lot of time on learning AngularJS source code, created Angular Concept Diagram. a wide variety of different external modules were used. I'm author of light WYSIWYG text editor component as open source module for AngularJS.
No icon Angular2 - 1 year experience
I'm now building online course for Angular2
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Great! Learned a great deal.
Kim Sarabia Sep 18, 2016

Great discussion. Will strongly recommend Stepan. He has great knowledge about Angular and other web frameworks (React / Ember etc). Will surely work with him in future!!!
Ajay Oct 25, 2015

Stephan is The Man with Angular. I have worked with numerous mentors on Angular issues, and Stephan was the most proficient with the framework. After I explained my issue to him, he immediately homed in on the best way to solve the problem and implemented the fix.
Edward Babbage May 30, 2015

Great once again very quick solution. No time wasted, excellent mentor.
Simon May 16, 2015

Once again fantastic assistance from Stepan... will continue to request his help.
Simon Apr 12, 2015

Stepan has been a great help. He told me he could solve my problem in 15 minutes and because of my questions the session went on for longer however he was kind enough to stop the session and continue to work afterwards! Fantastic...
Simon Apr 11, 2015

Stepan is extremely knowledgeable, amazingly resourceful with an uncanning ability to suggest meaningful solutions! I look forward to working with him in the near future.
Dilia Suriel Mar 15, 2015

Stepan is very helpful and got me understanding Grunt a lot better
John Camacho Feb 28, 2015

Stepan is a expert level AngularJS, exceptional debugging ability and extremely patient in answering all of my questions. I recommend him unconditionally and I look forward working with him in the near future!
Dilia Suriel Jan 19, 2015