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Steven Harman

Steven Harman

Building the web since 1999; maker and breaker of things.

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I've created and/or maintain a number of Ruby Gems (Grocer, GitTracker, DumbDelegator, pg_search, minimagick) and share a lot of side-project code on GitHub. I've been building the web since the early 2000's and first started using Ruby in 2007. I've helped a number of teams move from SVN/CVS/TFS to Git. I enjoy helping people along the road from "Testing to Test-First to Test-Driven" (http://stevenharman.net/from-testing-to-test-first-to-test-driven).
Ruby expert help Ruby - 8 years experience
Unlike many Ruby devs, I came to Ruby for Ruby and stayed despite Rails. ;) At the urging of Neal Ford I picked up Ruby as a scripting language. My first uses of the language were to automate mundane tasks and build/deployment orchestration for .NET code. Picking up Rails later led me to dig deep into Ruby, the language. I've built several Ruby Gems (Grocer, GitTracker, DumbDelegator, etc...) which leverage and/or exploit Ruby's flexibility and expressiveness.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 7 years experience
I came to Rails via Ruby. The upgrade from Rails 1.2 to 2.0 was tough, but not nearly as hard as the upgrade from 2.3 to 3.1, mostly because of the new Asset Pipeline. These days I believe Rails is a great tool for several classes of problems, and I still really enjoy using it. But I also apply a domain-first approach, striving to build applications which focus on solving the domain problem, and leverage Rails as a tool to bring that solution to the web (http://stevenharman.net/reclaim-your-domain-model-from-rails).
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
Git is one of the few pieces of software I trust to not lose my data. There is great solace in know that reversing a mistake is only a `git reflog` away. I've also written a Git plugin for integrating with Pivotal Tracker (GitTracker). I've helped a number of organizations move from SVN/CVS/TFS to Git.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 17 years experience
I started making building things on the web when DHTML was a new thing. I've used tables for everything, and then tables for nothing - now I know to use tables for tabular data, and CSS flexbox for the rest. ;) There is something magical about applying some CSS to some well-factored HTML and having the browser render something beautiful and usable.
git_tracker 130   11
Some simple tricks that make working with Pivotal Tracker even better... and easier... um, besier!
Ruby Shell
console2-solarized 129   25
The Solarized theme ported to Console2
dumb_delegator 59   7
Delegator and SimpleDelegator in Ruby's stdlib are somewhat useful, but they pull in most of Kernel. This is not appropriate for many uses; for instance, delegation to Rails models.
git-workflows 56   4
presentation: a handful of git workflows for the agilist
config 18   2
holy cow, wholly config! Vim, Zshell, Ack, & the rest of my dot-files.
Ruby VimL Shell
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Incredibly helpful session. Steven knows his stuff really well and is great at explaining and teaching as well. 10/10 would session again!
Austin Wang Sep 09, 2016

Issue was not resolved but I was given some google search terms to continue debugging. It was disappointing that the mentor had only skimmed my request before the session, so a lot of time was wasted explaining what was already clear from the issue description.
Chris Mar 12, 2015

Very helpful.
Bradley Jan 27, 2015

Very helpful, I've got some tips.
Seaborn Lee Jan 22, 2015

Great job
Ian Golden Jan 22, 2015

Sorted my issue out in 5 minutes. Friendly and knowledgeable. Great job
James Jan 17, 2015

Super helpful. And cheerful. And knowledgeable.
Bradley Jan 16, 2015