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Steven Doggart

Steven Doggart

.NET Engineer developing stable, mission-critical software for public-safety agencies

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
17 years writing n-tier apps for public safety market. In StackOverflow's all-time top for VB.NET. Architecture and design philosophy (esp. DI and unit testing). Knack for explaining the complex in simple terms.
Csharp expert help C# - 3 years experience
I love C#. I have used it professionally and for pleasure for many years. Most of my professional C# experience has been in developing back-end business and data-access logic as class libraries, WCF services, and windows services. I'm also very familiar with WinForm and console applications. I've dabbled with WPF but I wouldn't call myself an expert in it.
No icon Vb.net - 7 years experience
I have used VB.NET professionally experience for over eight years. Before that, I also had many years of experience with VB6. I am one of the all-time top answerers for the VB.NET tag on StackOverflow. I'm most familiar with class libraries, WCF services, windows services, WinForm apps, and Console apps.
No icon Regex - 4 years experience
I have used RegEx for many complex tasks such as transforming ID formats, parsing names and addresses, validating phone numbers and distances, refactoring code, and finding complex matches in lengthy documents.
No icon Xpath - 6 years experience
I have used XPath extensively in XSLT as well as to read and navigate complex XML documents from within .NET code.
No icon Xslt - 6 years experience
I have used XSLT to transform XML data from one schema to another, as well as to transform XML into HTML. I have used it in third-party interface applications as a method for transforming data into the format dictated by the data consumer.
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Awesome mentor!
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Could've been better
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Great session. Explained the solutions to the issues I was having in an easy-to-understand format. Very happy with the sessions so far.
Will Evertsen Nov 02, 2016

Excellent mentor. Explains concepts in an easy to understand manner. Very easy to work with. Looking forward to future sessions.
Will Evertsen Oct 30, 2016

Needed some help looking at a problem again - Steven took it to a new level and gave me some great time saving and debugging tips. Confident that I have a robust solution to my issue.
Rupert Nicholson Oct 07, 2016

Very helpful with a basic problem that as a non programmer I had struggled to understand.
Rupert Nicholson Oct 05, 2016

Very helpful
Edward Thai Aug 25, 2015

Great mentor! He explained hard to grasp concepts in a simple and effective way.
Taji Aug 17, 2015

Great guidance and explained well.
Edward Thai Aug 12, 2015

Excellent, experienced mentor.
dimitre613 Aug 05, 2015

In depth knowledge and great mentorship.
dimitre613 Jul 31, 2015

Once again, great job, all solved, no exceptions
dimitre613 Jul 30, 2015

Great mentor!
dimitre613 Jul 29, 2015

Awesome! thanks for the help with RegEx
Eric M Jul 19, 2015