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Stefan Georg

Stefan Georg

Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Berlin (+01:00)
German, English
I've been coding since age of 15, starting with perl, moving to php, and finally to python. I've been a freelancer working in the US, New Zealand, and now in Vietnam. I'm interested in helping people solve their website problems quickly and efficiently. At the moment I focus mostly on python/django, javascript, and to a lesser extend php or wordpress problem. I can also help out with linux system admin questions, more specifically with ubuntu/debian based problems.
11 JavaScript
8 Python
7 Django
7 jQuery
5 Ajax
4 Linux
3 Database
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
From jquery to node.js I've done server side and client side javascript.
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Use it every day to build web applications
Django expert help Django - 4 years experience
I moved from PHP to python/django for website development over 4 years ago and would not go back.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
I've been using jquery as the go to framework for most websites over the last 8 years.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
I've worked with large clusters to small mysql servers tuning settings as well as queries to get as much optimization out of mysql as possible.
Wordpress WordPress - 3 years experience
I've done everything from theme development to plugin development to maintenance.
No icon Linux - 12 years experience
I spend my days in the command line, ask me something.
No icon Postgresql - 5 years experience
Use postgres and postgis almost daily for mapping and DB storage
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Stefan is a wonderful mentor with huge experience in SQL and Javascript. He solved my problem really quickly and I will continue working with him.
Ahmed Oct 05, 2016

This guy is completely professional in his approach, he deduced the problem extremely quickly and then remedied the issues i was having with nginx configurations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to colleagues and others. I feel confident the work carried out has real world value to our business; it's freed up potentially 3 hours of my time (i'm not a sysadmin by any means).
Paul Drage Aug 31, 2016

Talking to Stephen always helps. Gives me fresh perspective. A true mentor!
Mahesh Jul 30, 2016

The best!
Paulo Jul 28, 2016

Stefan is by far the best mentor I've worked with online.
Michael Jul 20, 2016

Great. Really great.
Ran Zonis Jul 19, 2016

Very professional. Got my problem solved very quickly.
Ran Zonis Jul 18, 2016

Excellent mentor. Very efficient and easy to work with.
Michael Jul 05, 2016

Stefan was excellent. Got up-to-speed on the problem (Django-related) very fast, and coded out a solution during our session. Also, his English is native-speaker perfect, which is always great. Would highly recommend.
Chris Jun 27, 2016

He was really help to get me to understand what to do and fix the problem for me
Brandon Jun 22, 2016

He figured some very complicated stuff for us very quickly. If you need to query sql databases on geometry fields, he's the man!
Evan Witt Jun 21, 2016

Very helpful and supportive.
Deemah Ali Jun 21, 2016

Rescued me after house of frustration, I couldn't make it happen... but he could!
Ty Hansen Jun 16, 2016

Stefan was really helpful! :D
Mollie M Jun 15, 2016

Amazing help by Stefan really saved my neck!
Michael Paccione Jun 09, 2016

Have taken help many times. Always very professional. And is my favorite mentor.
Mahesh Jun 08, 2016

Quick, helpful, expert and polite. Great job
Len Hoare Jun 05, 2016

Stefan did an awesome job!
Mike Dupont Jun 04, 2016

GReat help from Stefan!
juanalverto Jun 01, 2016

Very helpful as always. Solved the initial problem and learned some more things along the way!
Vincent Poildoro May 31, 2016

He's the best!!!
mj101 May 29, 2016

Very helpful with
roger coryell May 25, 2016

Great quick session, we cut right to the chase and answered all my questions. Very efficient and useful session!
Vincent Poildoro May 25, 2016

Kehlin Swain May 24, 2016

Very helpful and skilled developer, Stefan has always been able to solve the problems I got stuck with fast response time.
Paulo May 17, 2016

Stefan gave me clear guidance and solved my problem quickly. Awesome session!
Michael Lodato May 17, 2016

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Set me up for a more productive environment with a customer bash script too! BONUS
Tony Jacobson May 15, 2016

Good to work with!
casper May 12, 2016

Was able to think quickly on his toes when there were problems
Kehlin Swain May 10, 2016

Very helpful
Aditya Seshan May 09, 2016

He helped to break down what the base case of a recursive function is intended to do. Also he helped me understand that the recursive function is just solving the base case at a smaller steps I highly recommend him if you have any problems and want knowledge and understand of how the program works
Gabe Jacoby May 08, 2016

Awesome! Would be working with him again in a couple of hours! And I look forward to work with him on other projects as well.
Mahesh May 07, 2016

Brilliant, great to speak to someone who knows their stuff!!
Hugo Furneaux May 06, 2016

Excellent Mentor! Solved the issue quickly and explained the issue! Would highly recommend!
Charles Blevins Apr 25, 2016

Efficient and helpful. I got unstuck quickly, and he explained concepts well.
becka Apr 23, 2016

getting closer
William Driscoll Apr 20, 2016

Had the patience to help me debug a deceptively simple problem.
Kevin Apr 20, 2016

Stefan is tricky, quick and communicative. A true expert
dokeos Apr 18, 2016

Thank you for your persistence Stefan, you totally aced it! Best!
Paulo Apr 13, 2016

SO GOOD! Helped me within 15 minutes and went above and beyond to make it all look good too
Shannon Wilson Apr 12, 2016

Helped solve issue and very responsive! Highly recommend.
Trevor Jones Apr 06, 2016

Courtney Rogers Mar 06, 2015

He's very fast and filled with information. He gave me options and helped me learn.
Tiffany Sumuel Mar 03, 2015