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Stefan Doorn

Stefan Doorn

(Lead) Senior Backend Developer (PHP / MySQL), 8+ Yr Experience (Teams & Freelance)

Amsterdam (+01:00)
Dutch, English
Senior Backend Developer (PHP, MySQL, NodeJS), Lead Developer & Technical Project Manager. Experienced with scalability and performance of high-traffic platforms. Knowledge both of custom solutions and MVC frameworks like CI & Laravel. Communicative developer with several years experience guiding team members while solving technical problems. Used to set the path for new projects, debug code, performance code reviews and give advice of how we could implement certain features in a proper way (within budget). Native Dutch, experienced in speaking / writing English.
Php expert help PHP - 8 years experience
PHP & MySQL are my main expertises. Started about 8.5 years ago for a major soccer website in the Netherlands, growing from 200k views over 1m average per day. I was solely responsible for all technical issues: the custom developed CMS & website with scalability & performance in mind. In here I gained a giant leap in knowledge and experience. 4,5 years ago I changed jobs into being Lead Developer at an internet agency, developing websites (we used CI & Laravel a lot) for small to big clients. In the beginning my focus was mainly on backend developent, while over he years it shifted more into team lead, architect and project manager while always doing development myself also. In here I mainly gathered the experience of solving team members problems, discussing the best way to fix a problem or the way to build a project from the ground. Recently I changed jobs to become a Senior Backend Developer again at a Amsterdam based startup, mainly using Yii2 framework. Besides that, in the last 8 years I also always did freelance jobs (1-2 days a week) using several frameworks, building on top of other developers code, working together in teams and leading development as technical project manager combined with developing myself. I do have a Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5 certificate.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 8 years experience
Gained a lot of experience writing complex queries + knows how to optimize them to the max while working for a major soccer website. The site had so much visitors (2.8m views p/day on top) that any slow database query could lead to huge performance issues. I like to dive deep into performance issues to solve them, or to write complex queries to solve the problem. While also keeping in mind that simplicity is the way to go sometimes. I'm holding a Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Developer certificate.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
Did a >200 hour project for a major Dutch government related project (cannot disclose name). Had experience before with JavaScript and PHP / MySQL, which made me quite well master this part. Could still learn a lot, but knows the basic and have some hands on experience. The services that I introduced in there had been handling peak requests of over 200 p/second while there was a major publicity campaign running.
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
Setup git environment at former job (8 people working with it) internally + using it all projects at the moment. Well known with branching and using a proper workflow in it. Using it in all my current projects, especially when working together.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Mainly using jQuery in combination with backend related data, using ajax requests to gain data from the backend and use it in the frontend. I'm not a expert on this field, but know how to use it and know how to find the solutions when not yet mastering them. Do know how to make small jQuery plugins.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Mainly using JS in combination with backend related data, using ajax requests to gain data from the backend and use it in the frontend. I'm not a expert on this field, but know how to use it and know how to find the solutions when not yet mastering them.
Wordpress WordPress - 8 years experience
Setup several Wordpress websites, installed themes, customized themes, solved problems in them. Also worked with network setups and WPML plugin. Did not develop own plugins. Would say I know my way in it quite well though.
No icon Ecommerce - 5 years experience
In the last several years I worked for medium to big ecommerce platforms. These platforms used custom code bases, but also Magento, OpenCart and WooCommerce. Gained overall experience in CRO, correct tracking, understanding the customer and giving insights from my point of view. I like to be involved from the technical perspective in order to gain most out of the platform.
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Awesome - Stefan dealt with my issues swiftly and explained everything I needed to know along the way. Highly recommended!
Tim De La Salle Apr 30, 2016