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Minerva Singh, top Statistics developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Oxbridge Educated Scientist and Researcher With a Passion for Doing and Teaching Data Analysis

I completed my PhD in Computational Ecology at Cambridge University in Feb 2017 and from 2010-12 I completed my MPhil (in Environmental Sciences) at Oxford University, UK. Throughout my studies I focused on using statistical data analysis for examining the factors influencing forest loss and degradation in SE Asia. Consequently, I have a high level of expertise in statistical data analysis related tasks, from descriptive statistics to data visualizations to inferential statistics to regression modelling to multivariate analysis. As a result of my expertise in statistical analysis, I have had 9 of my papers published in peer reviewed journals( I am also a bestselling course author on Udemy and my course on Statistical Data Analysis is a b...
Jose A Dianes, top Statistics developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Data Analytics & Visualisation - SW Engineer PhD -

A fundamental part of data analysis, machine learning, and research, is being able to do statistical inference and understand the mathematics behind the computations. Coming from a computer programming background, I had to apply myself intensively in order to understand why and how to use the methods in the data scientist toolbox.
Samiksha Gupta, senior Statistics developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Varanasi, India

Former Research Intern in NTU - Singapore, Natural Language Processing Researcher, Machine Learning, Python, Data Science, Computer Programming Teaching Assistant, Probability Tutor

I have gained a substantial experience in Machine Learning and Data Science with expertise in Natural Language Processing through my internships, online contests and research work. Recently, my paper on Societal Sentiment Analysis got accepted at the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, EACL-2017, Valencia, Spain. Goldman Sachs Quantify 2016 Top 3 Finalist for Machine Learning. Goldman Sachs Women Emerging in Finance 2016 Selected. Overall country winner of ENIGMA- Machine Learning Contest. Python Developer. Worked mostly on Jupyter notebook and lot of experience in working with ML, NLP and Deep Learning Libraries.
Joseph Abrahamson, Statistics freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Ashburn, United States

Functional programmer, data scientist, biomedical engineer, startup CTO in clinical research technology

I have a master's equivalency in mathematical statistics achieved during my incomplete PhD years at John's Hopkins University. I use statistics regularly, design my own experiments, algorithms, programs, and tests. I can also teach about basic and advanced topics in statistics.
Anuj Katiyal, Statistics freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Gurgaon, India

Data Scientist | Data Visualization | Columbia Graduate Student | Computer Science Engineer | IIIT-H Alumnus

I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University majoring in Data Science, with an interest in Statistical Inference and Modeling, Data Visualization as well as Machine Learning. In particular, I have strong quantitative skills from my mathematics background and experience with data mining and analysis through Python, MATLAB. I also enjoy working on web and mobile development and learning the latest tools and technologies. At Columbia, I am learning the skills with undivided Focus and Consistency, giving proper Significance to learning and being Restorative towards the issues faced along the way, trying always to be deliberative towards my career goals. Deliberative, Significance, Consistency, Restorative, Focus - These aren’t just words for me, these are my superpowers. My lea...
Abhijith Asok, top Statistics developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Allston, United States

Data Scientist with a Math background and experience in predictive modelling ; currently a graduate student in data science at Harvard

I hold a Masters in Mathematics and now focus on Statistics through my grad program in Health Data Science at Harvard.
K Krishna Chaitanya, Statistics consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Anantapur, India

Freelance Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, I have been using statistics for day to day activities at my work in different organizations.
Ying Chen, freelance Statistics programmerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in New York, United States

Financial Quantitative Analyst

I have been working for a few financial firms and currently work part time for a small company. I have a lot of experience using different programming languages including R, python and C++.
Ryan Tate, freelance Statistics programmerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Tacoma, United States

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer (Node.JS); Entrepreneur/Founder; Works on Ethereum and Financial Applications; Ex Investment Analyst

I spent two years working as a quantitative investment analyst- using statistical methods to analyze and manage risk in client portfolios.
John Chao (Tresl), Statistics freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Central, Hong Kong

Make Data Science accessible to fuel Company's growth

In this ever-connected, post smartphones & wearable tech world we live in, more and more People and Companies need access to data science to get answers from their data. With 10+ years of experience in the analytics space, I'm here to help - by first taking time to understand your pain point and problem statement, I offer the right set of recommendations and help implement the analytical solutions to deliver needed insights today. Sitting in the intersection of analytics, business, and people - I know what success looks like and have hands-on experience to help companies build towards their goals and aspirations.
Omar Trejo, Statistics freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Mexico City, Mexico

Data and Software Engineer

Hello! I'm a Data and Software Engineer with degrees in Mathematics and Economics. I co-founded Datata to help organizations be data-driven, and I was National Data Science Co-Champion for a contest organized by Mexico's Presidential Office in 2014. I wrote “R Programming by Example”, I'm currently working on CVEST, a platform for cryptocurrency investing, and I’m interested in Web Applications, Distributed Machine Learning, and Blockchains. You can contact me through my personal website. Personal website: CVEST, cryptocurrency investing platform: Datata, consulting and development firm: "R Programming by Example" book:
Frederick Fisher, Statistics dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in London, United Kingdom

Architect / Full Stack Developer - multiple languages

I am a versatile Full Stack Developer & Technical Architect with a proven track record delivering wide ranging solutions from big-data systems to websites, mobile apps and UX design, leading to revenue generation and process efficiencies. I consider myself operationally and technically astute, accurately assessing business needs then rapidly developing tailored solutions using Databases, JavaScript, and Python. I have also been responsible for building high performing development teams and embedding agile practices to deliver exceptional developments. During my career I have worked alongside various organisations spanning diverse business sectors including Education, Retail and Healthcare. My accomplishments to date have included:- * Establishing a highly successful business venture to pur...
Volkan Uslan, Statistics freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Konya, Turkey

Data Science

I am an experienced software developer with over a decade in the field, primarily data science oriented. My expertise is at research, data science and machine learning.
Christian Barra, Statistics software engineerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Wrocław, Poland

(freelance developer ∪ consultant ∪ trainer) ∩ Python

I spend my days coding, learning news stuff and try to get things done, sometimes I fail but is a part of the process. I like to share my knowledge and passion for the things that I love to do, so whether you want to be a programmer or a better programmer I am here to help. I believe there is nothing more important than persistence to achieve your goals, if you have it your are halfway there.
Romain Tanzer, top Statistics developerHire Now
Freelance Statistics developer in Solothurn, Switzerland

Data Scientist at Expedia, Inc.

Data scientist interested in statistical modelling, data mining , Text mining and data analysis

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