Sebastian Pereyro, Startups freelancer and developerView Profile
Sebastian Pereyro5.0
Freelance Startups developer in San Diego, United States

Founder at Empirical

I have founded 4 startups so far and I have prototyped multiple projects on the side. I usually start with a small project to learn a new technology and if the idea gets traction I allocate more resources to it. My last successful experiment was that I wanted to learn Ruby on Rails and I ended up founding a company that eventually sponsored my green card. We raised more than 250+ and is being used by thousands of patients monthly.
Marton Csikos, top Startups developerView Profile
Marton Csikos5.0
Freelance Startups developer in Timișoara, Romania

Full-stack JS expert.

I breathe startups all day, work with some of them and sit in a co-working space surrounded by others.
Matt Rzepa, Startups freelance developerView Profile
Matt Rzepa
Freelance Startups developer in Podolsze, Poland

product oriented software engineer

Experience working with many startups from USA, Germany and Poland and also experimenting with my own projects. Validating ideas, creating MVP, choosing most productive technological stack
Shawn Chiao, Startups freelance programmerView Profile
Shawn Chiao5.0
Freelance Startups developer in San Francisco, United States

Tech and Gaming Entrepreneur

I've spent most of my career in startups - both as a cog in the wheel and as co-founders. I have a good grasp of the challenges in the different stages of any startup, from building a cofounding team to fundraising, and from product prototyping to post-launch.
James Thomason, senior Startups developerView Profile
James Thomason
Freelance Startups developer in Livermore, United States

Startup CTO

I have 20 years of Silicon Valley startup experience as an engineer, founder, and CTO with a career track record of $1.1B in successful acquisitions and IPOs. I led 2 startups as CTO in the last 5 years to successful acquisitions totaling over $100M. I am passionate about user experience and building great products that customers rave about. I believe that great leadership is by example, and I build organizations that enable risk-taking and foster innovation. My technology expertise runs the gamut from software engineering, to machine learning, NLP, automation, and web-scale cloud and web infrastructures. I have a strong preference for people, processes, and technologies that enable rapid experimentation, iteration, and progress.
Evan Kirchhoff, senior Startups developerView Profile
Evan Kirchhoff
Freelance Startups developer in San Francisco, United States

Product-focused mobile software engineer ● Objective-C & Swift ● UI/UX design and platform strategy

Since the days of the dot-com boom, I've gained substantial startup experience from all sides: as a technical cofounder, as an early employee, and as a vendor of mobile product strategy and project management. I'm familiar with lean startup principles, agile methodology, and aggressive feature prioritization and triage while staring down short do-or-die runways.
James Wallace, top Startups developerView Profile
James Wallace5.0
Freelance Startups developer in Toronto, Canada

LAMP Stack - Facebook Marketer - Interview Prep

I've been the tech lead for two seperate startups. The first, which I co-founded, Project Sunblock, was in the online advertising realm. The second one, as tech lead, I helped pivot the platform, get us accepted into the '15 cohort of Gener8tor (based out of Milkwaukee). I have a lot of knowledge of the startup world, mostly focused around the scrutiny put on any technology involved.
Mary Goldspink, senior Startups developerView Profile
Mary Goldspink5.0
Freelance Startups developer in Warsaw, Poland

Startups Coach //Software Engineer

Startups coach, a passionate optimist and an engineer. Enterprenuer, a former COO at Unbits ( iOT start-up, acquired by Wearable World).
Mike Schroll, Startups freelance coderView Profile
Mike Schroll5.0
Freelance Startups developer in Myrtle Beach, United States

Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor

I was a hackstar for TechStars in 2009, founder in 2010, shared offices with TechStars Boston in 2011 & 2012; and now run Startup.SC, an incubator in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Stanislavs Beguns, Startups freelancer and developerView Profile
Stanislavs Beguns5.0
Freelance Startups developer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Engineer, entrepreneur, growth and marketing enthusiast

Co-founded 2 startups. Led development at a quickly growing startup.
Yi Zhang, freelance Startups developerView Profile
Yi Zhang
Freelance Startups developer in Brooklyn, United States

Software Engineer

Created an awesome mobile app with a couple of friends that got funding from Microsoft. Our website is still up, but the app is dead :(
Andrei Marchenko, Startups dev and freelancerView Profile
Andrei Marchenko
Freelance Startups developer in Poznan, Poland

Senior .NET, javaScript developer at Legimi Sp. z o.o.

I have made several personal projects. I can share experience of working alone or in small team, of choosing technologies, managing project progress and managing team members.
Alexander Lvovich ✌, Startups consultant and programmerView Profile
Alexander Lvovich ✌
Freelance Startups developer in Ashburn, United States

Full stack developer with 14+.

9 years experience working for startup companies at different domains. I can help you with planning, technology choosing, candidates interviewing and setting up dev process for your company.
Mehul Mandania, senior Startups developerView Profile
Mehul Mandania
Freelance Startups developer in London, United Kingdom

Full-Stack Web Developer, Finance professional. 9+ Years of experience

Advised multiple early stage startups on creating a product/service that has a product market fit. Expert in developing strategies to bootstrap companies. I have used my accounting and finance skills to help startups raise large funding rounds.
Nathan Wong, Startups freelance programmerView Profile
Nathan Wong
Freelance Startups developer in Ashburn, United States

Startup CTO who loves programming and teaching

I've built two technology companies, plus launched many other projects. I believe shipping is a feature, and all developers should have their work showcased by launching to the public.I can help with building a product that users actually understand.

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