Power of Jenkins Continuous Integration System

Published May 01, 2017
Power of Jenkins Continuous Integration System

You often like some one to take the boiler plate tasks like building and deploying the application after you spent time implementing the business logic of your enterprise application and checking-in the code into source control system. It would be fun If you just go for a cup of tea and comes back to your desk and see that the code that you just deployed is deployed in the development envrionment and all the unit tests executed for you and show them in the browser.

If you would like to have the system like the above, a Web based Jenkins continuous integration system is your heart touching friend and rescuer in working on the boiler plate tasks for you. You would just have to develop the Jenkins Job a one time task and then Jenkins help you with the rest. This Jenkins have more cool plugins to perform the Does this sounds cool???

The most coolest things with Jenkins is not only DevOps based tools. You can just implement a quick monitoring shell script for your critical servers and develop a Jenkins Job to monitor your resources periodically and report your over various means like email If something is not right. So, In this case Jenkins is your gate keeper 😉

Check out more cool details about Jenkins at https://jenkins.io/

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