Fernando Reis Guimarães, Sqlserver engineer and consultantView Profile
Fernando Reis Guimarães
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Full Stack Developer 14 years experience

It is the database server that I used most during my professional career. Creating triggers, functions and procedures.
Aldrin Holmes, top Sqlserver developerView Profile
Aldrin Holmes4.9
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Thane, India

Expert Full Stack Developer

Web designer since 2010 and Android developer since 2012. Have been working on HTML and Wordpress websites ever since I started
Nish Kumar, Sqlserver freelance developerView Profile
Nish Kumar4.7
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Delhi, India

IT professional with 9+ years of experience and C++ expertise

I an an IT professional with over 8 years of experience. My primary skills are C++ programming and database/SQL Teaching is my passion and I love it. I ensure the subject matter and its understanding is passed onto the student.
Jad Salhani, Sqlserver freelance programmerView Profile
Jad Salhani5.0
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Beirut, Lebanon

Mobile Software Engineer. Expert in Ionic, iOS and Android

Freelance Software Engineer 5 years in. Worked on around 10 mobile applications, spread out between Native and Hybrid. Designed several backend APIs in the most optimized way possible
Ian McPherson-Higdon, Sqlserver programmer and consultantView Profile
Ian McPherson-Higdon
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Farmington, United States

Full stack Microsoft web dveloper

I am an experienced full stack developer with 7 years developing on major eCommerce sites. I have a passion for all forms of development and am constantly looking for a new way to improve my code. I am almost always on the leading edge of new software with respect to making sure it's functional. I almost strictly develop in Test Driven development in an Agile team.
Alejandro Brozzo, Sqlserver dev and freelancerView Profile
Alejandro Brozzo
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Ricardone, Argentina

Full stack .NET and js developer

I have over 15 years of experience as a developer, and have worked with multiple languages as front end, back end and stored procedures.
Peter Fitzgibbons, Sqlserver freelancer and developerView Profile
Peter Fitzgibbons
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Los Angeles, United States
I am a senior software engineer/team-lead/software architect and software evangelist. I am excited about my work and the absolutely amazing advances happening everyday in the developer’s behind-the-scenes world within computing. I take a research-scientist attitude toward everyday tasks, and compile and distribute technical findings and solutions as they are relevant to the team and larger software community. I am a practicing student of software craftsmanship, Kathy Sierra, Edward Tufte, and human-computer-interaction. Giving users the ability to be awesome is a primary directive in my work. I am interested in how the technologies of IoT, Mobile, and VR will shape the use of Ruby/Rails, .NET, NoSQL, and cloud DevOps. My interest and expertise are also held in the areas of enterprise archi...
Dr. Awase Khirni Syed, Sqlserver coder and developerView Profile
Dr. Awase Khirni Syed
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Bengaluru, India
Vlad Averin, Sqlserver freelance programmerView Profile
Vlad Averin
Freelance Sqlserver developer in St Petersburg, Russia

iOS Applications Developer ● Remote team Player ● Open-source Contributor

● Swift / Objective-C / iOS Developer ● Having solid Back-end/Databases/Web-apps/APIs design and usage understanding ● Helping / consulting people remotely, and learning from people even more ● Love building MVP/Proof-of-concept for good ideas ● Love reusable and flexible solutions ● Willing to help and meet new fellow Swifters!
Ignacio Anaya, top Sqlserver developerView Profile
Ignacio Anaya5.0
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Vicente Lopez, Argentina

Software Engineer at Crackle

My strong skill is good quality software architecture using JavaScript, Angular and NodeJS. I also have good qualities to perform leadership and coaching roles.
Steve R, Sqlserver developer for hireView Profile
Steve R
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Brooklyn, United States

Python, Django, pytest

Drop me a line if you need some help with something big or small related to Python. As a self-taught programmer, I am aware of how challenging it can be to get over the initial learning curves in software development. I love helping others dive into programming and assisting experienced programmers as well. Best, Steve
Romain Tanzer, top Sqlserver developerView Profile
Romain Tanzer5.0
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Solothurn, Switzerland

Data Scientist at Expedia, Inc.

Data scientist interested in statistical modelling, data mining , Text mining and data analysis
prem anand lakshmanan, Sqlserver coder and developerView Profile
prem anand lakshmanan
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Rockville, United States

Have over 15 years of experience working on web and bigdata applications. Recently I have been working on Robotics applications. I have also been a core Django contributor.

I started my career in 2001 and have close to 15 years of experience. I have worked largely in enterprise, production ready applications. Few of the web applications that I worked had close to 1 million requests on a daily basis. Have worked on ETL applications that processes over billions of records on monthly basis. This enabled me to think much bigger and understand varied issues in building enterprise applications. Having worked on varied skillsets (Python, java, c++ )enabled me to understand the nuances of each of this programming languages and recommend tailor made solutions for different scenarios. My strongest language would be Python, Java and SQL but have a unique skill to quickly find answers using different technologies and provide the best possible world class solution. Late...
adrienne, freelance Sqlserver developerView Profile
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Township of Langley, Canada

Problem-Solver, Solutions Architect, CMS Expert, SQL Data Monkey

I wear a lot of hats -- (X)HTML/CSS/JS engineer, ExpressionEngine and CraftCMS expert, SQL consultant, technology evangelist, and geek-of-all-trades. I've been in love with computers since the '80s, when I taught myself BASIC on my Commodore 64. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and several other technologies quickly followed. These days I'm focused mainly on ExpressionEngine as a platform, and on SQL (mainly MySQL) as a data layer. I have 10+ years of experience working with both, and I'm very keen to help folks build great, optimized stuff with an awesome user experience. I've done a lot of different types of web work over the course of my career and delight in solving complicated interlocking problems for my clients. I have a broad range of expertise and if you come to me with an idea or an...
Enrique Juan de Dios, Sqlserver programmer and consultantView Profile
Enrique Juan de Dios
Freelance Sqlserver developer in Lima, Peru
IT Project Director at Staff Creativa

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